Saturday, January 30, 2010

Unboring weekend :)

This is the first time in a long time that I've had something to do all weekend.  Today I went to my friend's baby shower...I love baby showers :)  Most people hate them but I love them, I always have.   How could you not love going to celebrate someone's new arrival?? :)

Then tomorrow my best friend and I are going to mass to check out the church I'm getting married in.  I've been there before but I never thought to count the pews lol...I have to make pew cones and figure out how many pumpkins we need as well so we're gonna make the trip out there.  Marnie has never seen it either so it'll be nice to get her thoughts on how we should decorate.

Then tomorrow night we're all getting together with a few more friends to play our Wii.  I love having people over to hang out where it's relaxed like that :)  So much fun!

I also got another call about a job today, this one for a call centre.  I've done that plenty of times so it doesn't make me nervous or anything....I just know that it's full time and we'll have to see about the nursing thing.  I'll update when I know more.

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