Monday, June 28, 2010

Disgusting G20 Summit Video

Please view this video to see what was really happening in Toronto this past weekend.  The media has a skewed version of it....they cover what they're told to cover...

New blog name and header

So, I have a new blog name!  I just felt like it was time for a change.  While we are a family under construction, I just felt like that wasn't the best fit for this space anymore.

Autumn, for me, invokes feelings of happiness and peace.  The cool, crisp air and the smell of the falling leaves and ripe apples on the trees, the ripe, round, brilliantly orange pumpkins all bring me great joy.  I wish it was always fall!!!

And no matter what season it is, I'm feeling that joy in my has become an Eternal Autumn for me!

Tada!  :)  Hope you like it!  I LOVE it :D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kitchen Sink post

Hey all!  I know I've been slacking but I have been SUPER busy these last few weeks.  Things for the wedding have kicked it in to high gear and not a day goes by that I don't do a little something regarding the wedding even if it's just get another address on my guest list!  Things are going very well and it looks like things will stay the way they were, no scaling back or changing anything AND we should be able to keep all of our family on our list!  It was starting to look like I was going to have to start cutting family we hardly see but are close enough to that they need to be invited but now we should be fine to keep everyone where they're at now....our number is about 155, give or take and not including the 12 children that are cheaper than adults.

Either way, things are really shaping up and I have now started stamping the candy bags for our candy buffet, started assembling the favours and tags, my dress is being altered as we speak and my stag and doe, shower and bachelorette are being planned for with vigor.  I have to give a big shout out to my Maids of Awesome Marnie and Marci for helping out SO FRIGGITY MUCH over the last couple of weeks and a huge thank you in advance for all the planning and helping that is about to come in the next 4.5 months!!!  This is why you're my Maids of Awesome!!!!  You guys RAWK!!!

Aside from the wedding there are a lot of other things going on too and I have something to do EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. until July 1st!!!

Tomorrow is my baby girl's first birthday...already!!!  I cannot believe she is a year old already, it feels like it just flew by!  We're having a small (*rolls eyes* if you call 20 people, all family, small) cake party for her tomorrow night.  Everyone is busy and or working and or can't get together in the next MONTH all on the same day for a few hours for us to have a big party for her so we're going to do cake and presents on her actual birthday.  BIG party next year for sure!!!

Work is going well, I've been getting quite a few hours at work since we're down to three girls now...which has been nice for the paycheque but I'm starting to get behind on things at home again...we are hiring someone in the next week or so so my hours should slow down so I can catch up around here soon.  I didn't think I would stay at the job after Jer went back to work but it turns out I like it quite a bit and it's not a bad job, the people are nice and it's nice having that bit of extra money too!  I'll probably stay for quite a while!

This week has been busy (since last Thursday essentially...we went and picked out my sister's bridesmaids dress on Thursday)...I worked Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, was off yesterday and got a bit of cleaning done and then went to my painting class to start finishing up the stag and doe prizes I'm I'm working again and then tomorrow I'm dropping Marryn off with my mom so I can shop and then come home and clean so everyone can come over tomorrow night. 

Then Friday I'm going to get an IUD put in...this was a long thought out decision with help from the opinion of our Dr.  We had thought we might get Jer snipped because we're really not sure if we want anymore children.  Our Dr. suggested something long term but still not permanent, an IUD for me.  We talked about it, weighed the pro's and con's and decided this is the route for us...if I don't like it I will just go and get it taken out and we'll move on to the next option.  But for now, no more babies and definitely no unplanned miracles!

Marryn also has her one year shots on Friday.  Then Saturday morning I'm going dress shopping with Maid of Awesome #1...I'm so excited!!  I love going to the bridal store and (almost) drooling over all the beautiful yards of fabric skillfully sewed into dresses that I would wear to the grocery store if I wouldn't look like a nutjob!  I LOVE bridal stores!  Such beautifullness all crammed in to rows and rows of gorgeous gowns!

Then on Sat night a friend and one of our photographers is going to take some more engagement pics of us since I wasn't happy with the first ones.  We'll probably grab some dinner with her as well, should be relatively relaxing which will be nice.  Sunday we have an anniversary party to go to for Jer's step mom's parents and then it's also father's we have to figure out something to do for that as well if there is time at all that day!

Monday I will probably be working again, Tuesday is painting again, Wednesday is probably work again and then Thursday we're meeting with the harpist (squee!!!) that Maid of Awesome #2 and all her and Jer's siblings got us as a wedding gift!!!  She'll go over what stuff she can play and let us know if she can learn anything we like that she doesn't already know.  She will play at the ceremony and for 2 hours over dinner at the whole life I dreamed of walking down the aisle to Canon in D being played on the harp and now I get my wish!!!!  Hence why she is Maid of Awesome #2...she TOTALLY deserves it!  :)

Then, Friday, Saturday, Sunday I'll be working again...then possibly Monday again...Tuesday is painting and also the kids last at school and also my second G road test.  I'm PRAYING I don't fail again...:S  Then, Wednesday possibly working again...Thursday brings us to July 1st!  Jer is off that day and so are the rest of us so I want to go and partake in some Canada Day festivities somewhere.

Whew!  Busy, busy busy, but HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!  Things are coming together and going well and I'm so content and happy I could spit!