Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Signed, sealed, delivered...

Well all the paperwork is signed for the adoption process except one form that is new that I didn't receive with my package when I went to the court house to get the documents in the first place....which means since February they've added/changed another form. However, once this form is filled out and signed, all the paperwork can be filed before the judge...my lawyer's assistant says it shouldn't be long now. I hope that's the case but I'm definitely not holding my breath! EVERYTHING has taken SOOO long. We'd had hopes that it would be done by Father's Day so that we could celebrate (I wanted to have a big BBQ with both families to celebrate the legal-ness of it all and get Jer some "It's a Boy!" balloons) but since everything has taken way longer than expected, I don't think it will be. Though I would still like to celebrate when it is finalized.

On another note, we're debating on giving our notice at this apartment July 1st for a September 1st move due to our VERY loud and VERY inconsiderate neighbours. We've complained to the landlord a number of times but because they pay their rent on time and haven't caused any other problems, he says there's nothing he can (or will, I say) do about it except just continue to ask them to keep it down. Well, we've been here since July 2007, that hasn't worked yet, we've even called the police once to ask them to keep it down, they said they would, they haven't, I doubt they'll start anytime soon!!!!

There are some pro's and some con's about moving. Con's mostly being that we haven't even been here a year and it would suck to move again, the landlord is great otherwise, the house fits us all and we have a basement and I really enjoy that we have a yard for the kids.

Pro's are that we would save a ton in gas money because we drive back and forth to Welland all the time to see family plus Port Colborne is closer which is the other place that sucks up all our gas (we would move to Welland if we moved from here), we'd be closer to all that family, Welland is central to everywhere in the Niagara Region, rent is cheaper and we could probably get a 3 bedroom for what we pay here for our 2 bedroom....I'm sure I could think of more but those are the main ones.

So, I'm not entirely sure what to do about it but the neighbours are making me crazy....I don't know if it's pregnancy hormones (though Jer is bothered by it too and a couple of times Jonah has come and said "I can't sleep, there's too much banging" when they're particularly loud) or what but I couldn't even concentrate to watch "Across the Universe" the other night. We had to shut it off, it just wasn't worth watching it with the amount of noise.

Any advice???

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Super Creep

Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Is he not like, the devil himself?? Is it just me or do his eyes scream "PURE EVIL!!!"??
(Not to mention he has snap-on hair like a lego person!)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dear God, please save me from your "good people"

A friend and I were perusing bumper stickers yesterday when I came across this one:

I laughed hysterically!

Then I thought about it...it's true, there are some "Good People" who are really friggin scary! So many who are trying to "spread the word of God" and who are going about it the entirely wrong way!

One example of this is the Pro-Lifers as my good friend wrote about in his blog last night. My other friend has a couple friends who are so Pro-life it's sick. They take it to extremes and don't think about the mother or the baby AFTER the birth...just before hand. They think about the fetus and how it's a baby and it's wrong to abort. And while I agree with that on MOST levels, there are some times when abortion SHOULD and NEED to be thought of.

One of these times is when the mother's health is in danger. I read another blog that has the perfect example of this...it's tragic and it's very, very sad, but she would not be here if it were not for "partial birth abortion" if you can call it that. For her to endure such pain and then have to defend her decision to Pro-Lifer's is beyond me...don't they think if she could have chose to live AND have her baby boys live that she wouldn't have??? GRR. It's not something a mother aspires to do. "Oh, I think I'll get pregnant and then at 22 weeks I'll abort."

Another example is when the mother is a crack/heroin/coke/any-other-messed-up-drug or alcohol addict and the baby will be born addicted as well. What a life for that child. If the mother has any sort of compassion/mind even though she's that messed up that she chooses to abort rather than bring a child into the world that will have nothing but problems because of numerous disabilities than why should we not support her in that decision?? Why do Pro-lifer's have to condemn her to hell for choosing better for her child and herself and our governments budget? You know if that child is born it will be on government assistance for the rest of it's life. There are very few addicts who give birth to perfectly healthy babies! We already have enough unhealthy infants who either die or are killed by caregivers who didn't want them in the first place!! Why put the financial strain on our healthcare system if the mother doesn't want them anyway??????

I think any Pro-lifer would scream ADOPTION at me right now. Because, well, adoption is the answer, is it not?

NO. IT'S NOT. It's a long drawn out process that takes years and years and tons of money unless the child is perfectly healthy! And even then, red tape will hold up that process as well! (See my posts about our step-parent adoption-in-progress that is taking us time and money when we have consents signed and everyone is in agreement about it!) It's a ridiculous system and really needs to be looked at but I don't think it ever will.

Now, I may get some slack for this post, and don't get me wrong, I don't think abortion is the answer to life's problems when you had sex without birth control with your boyfriend who you've been with for 2 years but you "just don't love him enough" or "aren't ready to be a mother".

You should have thought of that before you took your pants off.

But there are some instances that abortion IS the answer. It IS the right decision for some circumstances and taking away that right is NOT someone elses business.

Pro-lifer's need to provide resources AFTER the fact, not just counsel women to not have an abortion and then leave them high and dry with a baby to take care of when they're the most vulnerable and hormonal. That's how baby's get thrown in dumpsters or suffocated or thrown against walls. It's disgusting and sad but it's the truth...there need to be more resources for those who choose to keep their babies.

Pro-lifer's need to tone it down a bit...just my opinion.

Friday, May 16, 2008

THE cutest thing....

Jonah decided to stick his beloved blanket under his jammies tonight and come to me and say:

"See, just like you Mommy!!"

Can it GET any cuter than that?????

Thursday, May 15, 2008

32 Weeks

32 weeks....8 weeks to go, give or take. I'm starting to feel VERY pregnant and things are getting more and more uncomfortable...but I'm hanging in there!

I called the lawyer this morning. Paper work is almost finished but they need to serve bio dad with a certified copy of the custody order we had in February 2006. I have NO idea why and the only answer I got when I asked was that it was "court rules" for the adoption. Stupid if you ask me, they already have his consent. But, whatever I guess. We have to go in on May 26th to sign papers and for Jer to give more information about why he wants to adopt Jonah....apparently there wasn't enough in the first affidavit (which was like two pages long) about why he felt he would be a better father..............well, given the fact that he's there and bio dad isn't, that would be a pretty good reason he's better already if you ask me!

I just can't believe this thing is so friggin complicated. It seems pretty damned simple to me...

I got pregnant, when I was 6 weeks along, bio dad decided he didn't "want to" anymore...so he left, without telling me where he was going, and I didn't talk to him or hear from him or see him for a whole month. After the first week, I got it and accepted the fact that I would be raising the baby on my own....fast forward to birth...bio dad came 9 hours after he was born to see him, held him for 5 minutes and then went to wait outside for his ride and smoke....his ride was in my room visiting me and the baby. For the first 6 months of Jonah's life, bio dad came a handful of times to visit, usually on the urging of his currently pregnant girlfriend....once they broke up shortly after his second son was born when Jonah was 11 months old, his contact ended.

At the 6 month old mark, enter Jer....great friend and occassional babysitter.....who eventually just never left and became daddy to Jonah (and of course incredible signifigant other to myself and awesome step-dad to James).....Jer is Jonah's whole entire world. Jer is everything a father should be and more...all you have to do is see them together to know that the father son bond is not only there but stronger than any DNA link could be. Any judge would see that immediately....it sucks that there has to be so much red tape and paperwork involved in something that is being done for love....it's really sad actually.....hopefully it will be all over and legal soon.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Still no word from the lawyer....I have a feeling this is going to take forever. Thank God I decided to put Jonah in the french daycare so that at least we have a good shot at getting him into the french school in September for kindergarten. (Seriously, how is my baby starting kindergarten already????? *sniff*)

Everything is going well with Baby N...Almost 32 weeks...I can't beleive it's almost over already!!! These pregnancies have definitely gone faster than my own! I'm guessing it's because I'm not anticipating a baby at the end and waiting and waiting to finally see what I've created....it's a different sort of feeling. I'm excited to see Baby N but not in the way I was excited to see my own children. I think I'm more excited to sleep a full night through without waking up to pee!!!! :D

Anyway, just a short post today because it's been a while but I don't have anything to say really...I may call the lawyer today to see where we're at progress wise...and then later this week I'll be posting another belly picture...later!!