Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dear God, please save me from your "good people"

A friend and I were perusing bumper stickers yesterday when I came across this one:

I laughed hysterically!

Then I thought about's true, there are some "Good People" who are really friggin scary! So many who are trying to "spread the word of God" and who are going about it the entirely wrong way!

One example of this is the Pro-Lifers as my good friend wrote about in his blog last night. My other friend has a couple friends who are so Pro-life it's sick. They take it to extremes and don't think about the mother or the baby AFTER the birth...just before hand. They think about the fetus and how it's a baby and it's wrong to abort. And while I agree with that on MOST levels, there are some times when abortion SHOULD and NEED to be thought of.

One of these times is when the mother's health is in danger. I read another blog that has the perfect example of's tragic and it's very, very sad, but she would not be here if it were not for "partial birth abortion" if you can call it that. For her to endure such pain and then have to defend her decision to Pro-Lifer's is beyond me...don't they think if she could have chose to live AND have her baby boys live that she wouldn't have??? GRR. It's not something a mother aspires to do. "Oh, I think I'll get pregnant and then at 22 weeks I'll abort."

Another example is when the mother is a crack/heroin/coke/any-other-messed-up-drug or alcohol addict and the baby will be born addicted as well. What a life for that child. If the mother has any sort of compassion/mind even though she's that messed up that she chooses to abort rather than bring a child into the world that will have nothing but problems because of numerous disabilities than why should we not support her in that decision?? Why do Pro-lifer's have to condemn her to hell for choosing better for her child and herself and our governments budget? You know if that child is born it will be on government assistance for the rest of it's life. There are very few addicts who give birth to perfectly healthy babies! We already have enough unhealthy infants who either die or are killed by caregivers who didn't want them in the first place!! Why put the financial strain on our healthcare system if the mother doesn't want them anyway??????

I think any Pro-lifer would scream ADOPTION at me right now. Because, well, adoption is the answer, is it not?

NO. IT'S NOT. It's a long drawn out process that takes years and years and tons of money unless the child is perfectly healthy! And even then, red tape will hold up that process as well! (See my posts about our step-parent adoption-in-progress that is taking us time and money when we have consents signed and everyone is in agreement about it!) It's a ridiculous system and really needs to be looked at but I don't think it ever will.

Now, I may get some slack for this post, and don't get me wrong, I don't think abortion is the answer to life's problems when you had sex without birth control with your boyfriend who you've been with for 2 years but you "just don't love him enough" or "aren't ready to be a mother".

You should have thought of that before you took your pants off.

But there are some instances that abortion IS the answer. It IS the right decision for some circumstances and taking away that right is NOT someone elses business.

Pro-lifer's need to provide resources AFTER the fact, not just counsel women to not have an abortion and then leave them high and dry with a baby to take care of when they're the most vulnerable and hormonal. That's how baby's get thrown in dumpsters or suffocated or thrown against walls. It's disgusting and sad but it's the truth...there need to be more resources for those who choose to keep their babies.

Pro-lifer's need to tone it down a bit...just my opinion.


ThisGuy said...

TOTALLY agree with you! They are all about the baby in the womb, but there is no after birth support, and I don't understand why. Who abandons a cause 1/2 way through? Its almost that these Pro Lifers "abort" their cause premature. They are responsible for more neglect, and death then they would like to admit. We should hold a Pro Choice rally, and see what they do, you know they won't have any logical or intellectual arguements, we'll just get told that were going to burn in hell, with the Fags, and Abortion Doctors... LOL

I've got my lounge chair on reserve, do you? Tell Satan your friends with me, and he'll get you a sweet deal next to the Karaoke Bar.

Bohemian Mom said...

Such a controversial topic that I have a lot to say about.

Pro-life has changed the pro-choice belief system into a "pro-abortion label".. I take offense to this. While I've always considered myself pro-choice in the sense that other women's circumstances are none of my business, this doesn't mean I carry a sign that says Pro -Abortion.

I find it unsettling to hand out literature to teenage girls that is often inaccurate and inconsistent with medical science, and sometimes pictures grotesque and quite obviously photoshopped images.
The shock value, I'm sure is a very effective way to get the pro-life argument across, but that doesn't necessarily make it fact.

I miscarried a fetus at 12 weeks. The doctors assured me it was not a baby, not a conscious state, wasn't aware of it's death, didn't feel any pain and wasn't fully formed or thumb-sucking and wasn't chopped up and vaccumed out of my uterus.
All of the above is in direct conflict to what pro-life groups believe and want others to believe. I simply cannot fathom medical science and my doctor being so currupt as to lie to me on such a topic.

Today's teens are far too sophisticated and have too many available resources to research the facts on their own.

One only needs to observe the Catholic high school students that walk past my house every day to know that they are not buying into the abstinence idea.
And I truly find that a shame, being the mother of a pre-teen daughter.

That said, I have every intention of educating her on, yes, absolutely the benefits of abstinence, but also her undeniable developing hormones, peer pressure, boyfriend pressure, sex, birth control, motherhood, the medical facts of abortion, and the dangers of following a cult-like mentality.

I am not pro-abortion. I do not agree with women who disregard human life in their 2nd & 3rd trimester without a serious medical justification.

But I also do not think I am anyones' judge and jury. I have my own life to live and have to answer to myself in all areas of it.
And THAT is my choice.

Bohemian Mom said...

Just putting it out there......