Thursday, May 15, 2008

32 Weeks

32 weeks....8 weeks to go, give or take. I'm starting to feel VERY pregnant and things are getting more and more uncomfortable...but I'm hanging in there!

I called the lawyer this morning. Paper work is almost finished but they need to serve bio dad with a certified copy of the custody order we had in February 2006. I have NO idea why and the only answer I got when I asked was that it was "court rules" for the adoption. Stupid if you ask me, they already have his consent. But, whatever I guess. We have to go in on May 26th to sign papers and for Jer to give more information about why he wants to adopt Jonah....apparently there wasn't enough in the first affidavit (which was like two pages long) about why he felt he would be a better father..............well, given the fact that he's there and bio dad isn't, that would be a pretty good reason he's better already if you ask me!

I just can't believe this thing is so friggin complicated. It seems pretty damned simple to me...

I got pregnant, when I was 6 weeks along, bio dad decided he didn't "want to" he left, without telling me where he was going, and I didn't talk to him or hear from him or see him for a whole month. After the first week, I got it and accepted the fact that I would be raising the baby on my forward to dad came 9 hours after he was born to see him, held him for 5 minutes and then went to wait outside for his ride and smoke....his ride was in my room visiting me and the baby. For the first 6 months of Jonah's life, bio dad came a handful of times to visit, usually on the urging of his currently pregnant girlfriend....once they broke up shortly after his second son was born when Jonah was 11 months old, his contact ended.

At the 6 month old mark, enter Jer....great friend and occassional babysitter.....who eventually just never left and became daddy to Jonah (and of course incredible signifigant other to myself and awesome step-dad to James).....Jer is Jonah's whole entire world. Jer is everything a father should be and more...all you have to do is see them together to know that the father son bond is not only there but stronger than any DNA link could be. Any judge would see that sucks that there has to be so much red tape and paperwork involved in something that is being done for's really sad actually.....hopefully it will be all over and legal soon.


Bohemian Mom said...

Yup. To see Jer with Jonah is to see a patient, loving, dedicated father to a happy, thriving, secure, and unconditionally loved little boy. Too bad THAT doesn't show up in a blood test!

And that preggo pic rocks!

ThisGuy said...

Love the new preggo pic! Hahaha, feeling a little "discomfort" are we?

If you ever need a letter, or statement for the judge, outlining what kind of Dad Jer is, you just let me know! ;) He's an amazing dad!!

Ruth said...

I hope the paperwork goes through ASAP!!!