Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Signed, sealed, delivered...

Well all the paperwork is signed for the adoption process except one form that is new that I didn't receive with my package when I went to the court house to get the documents in the first place....which means since February they've added/changed another form. However, once this form is filled out and signed, all the paperwork can be filed before the judge...my lawyer's assistant says it shouldn't be long now. I hope that's the case but I'm definitely not holding my breath! EVERYTHING has taken SOOO long. We'd had hopes that it would be done by Father's Day so that we could celebrate (I wanted to have a big BBQ with both families to celebrate the legal-ness of it all and get Jer some "It's a Boy!" balloons) but since everything has taken way longer than expected, I don't think it will be. Though I would still like to celebrate when it is finalized.

On another note, we're debating on giving our notice at this apartment July 1st for a September 1st move due to our VERY loud and VERY inconsiderate neighbours. We've complained to the landlord a number of times but because they pay their rent on time and haven't caused any other problems, he says there's nothing he can (or will, I say) do about it except just continue to ask them to keep it down. Well, we've been here since July 2007, that hasn't worked yet, we've even called the police once to ask them to keep it down, they said they would, they haven't, I doubt they'll start anytime soon!!!!

There are some pro's and some con's about moving. Con's mostly being that we haven't even been here a year and it would suck to move again, the landlord is great otherwise, the house fits us all and we have a basement and I really enjoy that we have a yard for the kids.

Pro's are that we would save a ton in gas money because we drive back and forth to Welland all the time to see family plus Port Colborne is closer which is the other place that sucks up all our gas (we would move to Welland if we moved from here), we'd be closer to all that family, Welland is central to everywhere in the Niagara Region, rent is cheaper and we could probably get a 3 bedroom for what we pay here for our 2 bedroom....I'm sure I could think of more but those are the main ones.

So, I'm not entirely sure what to do about it but the neighbours are making me crazy....I don't know if it's pregnancy hormones (though Jer is bothered by it too and a couple of times Jonah has come and said "I can't sleep, there's too much banging" when they're particularly loud) or what but I couldn't even concentrate to watch "Across the Universe" the other night. We had to shut it off, it just wasn't worth watching it with the amount of noise.

Any advice???


Ruth said...

Glad you are almost done with all the paperwork - I hope it goes through ASAP!! As for moving, I agree it's a huge pain in the butt to move, but it sounds like the Pros outweigh the cons with the price of gas these days and the fact you could have a larger apartment for the same rent and hopefully quieter neighbors! :-)

ThisGuy said...

You know my advice ;) Let me know when your ready for the plan!! *Evil Grin* lol

Anonymous said...

Um...hmmmmm....I THINK YOU SHOULD MOVE HERE!!!!!! ASAP!!!!!!
There are lots of places with yards here, and like you said, cheaper!