Sunday, June 1, 2008


Topic you most often blog about? Personal life and things that annoy the hell out of me that I feel like venting about, hence the soapbox part of my blog title.

Person you most often blog about?(other than yourself) Probably my kids and Jer...

Do you eat or drink at your computer? Yes, I spend a lot of time at this computer...

Blogging Quirks? I always feel the need to wait to blog until I have something long enough to post about...I don't usually leave short posts.

How would a stranger describe your blog in 5 words or less? Hahaha, probably boring with a hint of bitch every now and then :D

Do you use your own photography or pics that you find on line? Mostly my own, but both.

How much time do you spend blogging? I spend a whole lot more time reading blogs than I do posting on my own...I just don't think most people would be interested in my day to day life so I only post about the stuff that I think would be relatively interesting to someone adoption woes, or surrogacy stuff...and once in a while, like I said before, stuff that annoys me that I feel the need to vent about and don't really have anyone to vent TO. lol

How long have you been blogging? Off and on for a few years but this is the first one I've really kept up on.

Do you agree or disagree with the recent article that reported that blogs are authored by narcissists? I think it's a load of crap....what's a narcissist?? :D

Why do you blog? To keep people up to date on important stuff going on in my life (I'm not a big phone person) and because, as stated before, I need a place to vent about stuff that annoys me...stuff most people wouldn't care about much and besides, who wants to listen to me bitch?? lol If they're interested in how I feel about it, they can come read my blog!

Who do you tag? EVERYBODY!!!

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Bohemian Mom said...

excellent answers!