Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What do you think?

Long story short: A Muslim woman was wearing a hijab in a U.S. court room and was asked to remove it as they have a law of no headgear. When she refused she was arrested.

What do you think? Should she have been allowed to wear her hijab even though laws state it is not permitted based on freedom of religion?

My opinion? She should have removed it. I'm all for freedom of religion and what not but I really think that this law of no headgear in a court room is more for safety purposes than anything. It hides distinguishing features. If someone walked into a bank with a ski mask on and said it was part of their religion what would happen? I know it sound ridiculous and "out there" as an example but to me it's the same thing. It hides distinguishing features and it could be used as a disguise. I could put on a hijab and say I was Muslim but does that make me exempt from following the law? I don't think so.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Assisted Suicide

I know this is a huge contraversial issue but I think it is one that needs to be examined further and all sides debated.

When my father was suffering/dying of lung cancer, my cousins 8 year old son said something so profound it made me change my views on this topic all together. He said, "We will put our animals down so they don't suffer but we won't put humans down so they don't suffer?? Why??"

And it's true. Why are we more humane to our animals than we are to our people?? Now I'm not saying that someone who has the shit end of the stick in life and is down and depressed should be allowed to have an assisted suicide. But I do think that someone who is suffering from a disease that there is no cure for, that is terminal, one that the inevitable end is death no matter how much medication you take, should be allowed, if they so choose, to go to sleep peaceful and just not wake up in that state of suffering again.

Here is the article that inspired me to write this post:

Britain In Shock After Film Showing Man Committing Suicide Is Broadcast On TV
Thursday December 11, 2008 Staff

Reality TV has been heavily criticized over the years for its increasing willingness to take things to graphic extremes.

But a show that aired on Wednesday night in the U.K. has brought a new focus to the debate over how far is too far. And it was viewed by millions of people who likely weren't sure whether they should even be watching it in the first place.

This wasn't some game show with a million dollar prize. Instead, it was a sombre opus about life - and most especially, death. It involved the televised suicide of a computer scientist from Chicago named Craig Ewert.

The 59-year-old, who suffered from an incurable and degenerative motor neuron disease, had decided to end his life in an assisted suicide at a clinic in Switzerland. But he didn't want to go out without spreading the word about his ultimate solution to ending his pain.

So he agreed to have his final act be part of a documentary that traced his life and death. His goal: to show that assisted suicide is a humane act that ends needless suffering.

The documentary, originally called the "Suicide Tourist," was made by Canadian filmmaker John Zaritsky in 2006. It features Ewert's struggling to cope with a disease that has left him feeling like "an empty shell."

As it follows him on his journey from Britain - where assisted suicide is illegal - to Switzerland, he explains he wanted to have it filmed to ensure authorities reconsidered their stance against the act.

"If I go through with it, I die as I must at some point," he recounts in the film. "If I don't go through with it, my choice is essentially to suffer, and to inflict suffering on my family, and then die."

"I think I can take my bow, and say: Thanks, it's been fun," he notes later.

As for the moral aspect of what he's doing? Ewert is blunt. "Some people might say: "No, suicide is wrong, God has forbidden it. Fine, but you know what? This ventilator is God."

He also sends an emotional message to his adult son and daughter, hoping they'll understand why he cut his life short.

"I would hope that this is not a cause of major distress to those who love me," he indicates through a voice activated computer, having lost the power of speech. "This is a journey I must make."

In the final scene, Ewert is seen lying in bed, wearing a ventilator. As the documentary nears its end, and with his wife by his side and Beethoven's ninth symphony playing in the background, the subject takes some pills, asks for a glass of apple juice and struggles to swallow the bitter barbiturates.

His wife of 37 years is seen holding his hand as his life slips away. "Have a safe journey," she tells him through tears. "See you sometime."

He uses his teeth to turn off his ventilator and in front of the unblinking eye of the camera, he dies on screen.

The Oscar-winning documentary has been shown on TV in Canada before to little reaction. But it stirred up a hornet's nest of controversy in England about reality television finally going too far.
Many religious groups are condemning the concept of taking one's own life and others are shocked that it was allowed to air at all.

The debate has been so great it has even come up in the British Parliament, where the opposition has been demanding to know why Prime Minister Gordon Brown didn't step in to stop it from being shown.

The P.M. claims the federal watchdog in the country will be reviewing whether the show should have aired.

Zaritsky has explained it would not have been honest to the film's mission if he hadn't shown its true ending. But the program, aired on a normally little watched cable channel, appears to have had the effect Ewert was hoping for.

Opinion polls now say that 80 per cent of the British public believes assisted suicide should be allowed in the country if there's no chance a patient will recover and if it will stop someone from suffering.

Article from City News, Toronto

I was tagged last week

But I haven't got around to it until now....oopsy! I was tagged by Jennifer...I won't be tagging anyone but if you'd like to play along feel free!!!

Here are the rules:
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1. I have been pregnant 6 times in 11 years and have given birth to 5 babies so far (including a set of twins) and will be giving birth to the 6th in July.

2. I don't like fruit. Give me veggies til the cows come home but I don't like fruit. There is a reason! I find that fruit never tastes the same as the last piece you had. There is never a consistency to it. The only fruit I will eat is watermelon and Mutsu apples...because they mostly stay the same!

3. I have an arse-load of allergies. My biggest are pollen and any animal with hair (besides the hypo-allergenic ones that cost a fortune to buy). I sneeze, cough, get itchy, watery eyes and I my asthma acts up. It sucks because most of my friends have animals so I can't go and hang out for long.

4. Although I want to, I've never really travelled anywhere. The furthest I've been from home (Niagara Falls, Ontario) is Virginia Beach, Virginia. I'm hoping to return there some day because I loved it! Other than that, Montreal is as far as I've been in Canada (other than Nova Scotia when I was like 9 months old but I don't remember that so it doesn't count!).

5. I don't like winter. I don't like the snow unless I can stay inside and enjoy watching it from the window. I feel bad because I know my boys would love for me to come and play with them but I just can't stand being cold and wet!! Thank God Jer likes the snow...he takes the boys out and I bake and make hot chocolate for when they come in all rosy cheeked and freezing.

6. I love sushi even though I don't eat fish. There is some REALLY GREAT vegetable sushi and I LOOOOOOVE it. I want some right now even though it's only 9am. Pregnant much??

7. I get bored with things easily. I dunno if it's the Sagittarius in me or what but I rarely finish things I start. It's a horrible habit and I don't know how to change it because I just get so BORED with things!!

That's it! Play if you want, let me know if you did so I can come read it!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I have my own doppler at home and found the baby's heartbeat for the first time yesterday...makes it very real!!! I'm so in love with this tiny human that isn't even here yet!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Here I go, all political again

Canada can no longer be classified as a democracy in my opinion.

First of all, the Bloc has NO PLACE in this "coalition" as it stands. They are NOT a federal party and therefore should not be allowed to represent the whole country. It's not right.

Secondly, WE THE PEOPLE voted our government in. I didn't like it, I didn't agree with who won, but that's who our Canada chose. It should remain that way. I cannot believe that the opposing/losing parties are just going to go in and do what they want anyway...why the hell did we spend 300 Million dollars and vote if it wasn't going to make one fucking bit of difference anyway?!?!?! I'm SOOOO angry!!!

Jack Layton, whom I was supporting to begin with is just as EVIL as Harper is now...could he not be charged with Treason????

I just don't understand why/how this is happening. Is our country now considered communist? Is that the opposite of democratic? I'm confused and I would really like some answers as to why the whiny 4th graders who are mad about the election results can stomp their feet and get their own way!!!!
More of the story for those who don't really know what I'm bitching about.

And just to quote one thing in that article that really ticked me off:

"Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe said his party is ready to support the coalition because the Conservatives chose partisan games based on ideological beliefs instead of considering the interests of Quebecers and Canadians."

Quebecers and Canadians????? WE ARE THE SAME GD COUNTRY....WE HAVE NOT SEPERATED!!!! Quebecers ARE Canadians!!!