Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What do you think?

Long story short: A Muslim woman was wearing a hijab in a U.S. court room and was asked to remove it as they have a law of no headgear. When she refused she was arrested.

What do you think? Should she have been allowed to wear her hijab even though laws state it is not permitted based on freedom of religion?

My opinion? She should have removed it. I'm all for freedom of religion and what not but I really think that this law of no headgear in a court room is more for safety purposes than anything. It hides distinguishing features. If someone walked into a bank with a ski mask on and said it was part of their religion what would happen? I know it sound ridiculous and "out there" as an example but to me it's the same thing. It hides distinguishing features and it could be used as a disguise. I could put on a hijab and say I was Muslim but does that make me exempt from following the law? I don't think so.


Bohemian Single Mom said...

I disagree.
I think it's idiotic and typical of the U.S.
They always pick the wrong battles to show their power.
Handcuffs & 10 days in jail? Ummm... ridiculous!
She wasn't crucial to the case in question - she could have been given the choice to leave the courtroom first.
I've heard of drug-busts, assaults and child porn offenders that aren't even cuffed & jailed at the scene.
Some judges simply enjoy the power-trip of it all, and abuse their position.

Ayre said...

She was given the choice to remove the hijab or leave, no? And then she was arrested for contempt of court.

Carnal Zen said...

I disagree. It is her faith that makes her wear it. Conversely I do agree with it for drivers license photos. Driving is a privilege not a right.

Ayre said...

I don't understand how faith can make you do anything really...