Thursday, September 27, 2007

A case of America laying the blame?

I agree with Stephen Harper that of course the problem does require a solution....but do we REALLY have more terrorist organizations than any other countries in the world??? Or is America looking for somewhere to place the blame???

Hello my name is Amie, and I am a surrogate mother.

So, when BoMom introduced me on her blog, she mentioned that I am a surrogate mom. So, I thought I should introduce that part of my life and mention it here on my own blog.

I gave birth to twin girls in November 2006 for friends of mine. Though we had some rough spots during the pregnancy (with bleeding and LOTS of contractions) and ultimately and to my dismay, a c-section at the end cuz the little buggers were breech, it truly was an incredible and amazing experience and I am proud and happy that I was able to complete a family just by lending my uterus.

In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I am doing it again!

So right now, I am on a drug called Lupron (which puts me in temporary menopause, and happens to make me incredibly bitchy :S) and am waiting for my cycle day one to start my estrogen pill. My intended mother (the lady whom will have her eggs harvested, fertilized and placed into my uterus because she no longer has one) will be starting her follicle stimulating drug in about 10 days or so...this will make her ovaries work over time and produce lots of eggs at once so that when they go in to retrieve them, there won't be just one.
Once retrieved, the eggs will be put into a petrie dish with my Intended Father's sperm to fertilize. Then we receive the "fertility report", meaning how many eggs fertilized and ultimately how many embryo's we have to work with. Three days after retrieval, we will transfer two of those little embryo's right into my warm, fluffy uterus. :)

So that transfer, we're hoping, should take place somewhere around October 20th...and if you're all interested, I will keep you up to date with what's going on and let you know for sure when they've been transferred, my first positive pregnancy test (because I test like a mad woman!), ultrasound confirmation, etc. and so on.

Let me know if you're not interested in reading about that and would rather I stick to my soapy boxes. :D

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Good for you Mike!!

I just LOVE it when real people get to have their say!! Way to go, Mike! I am sending lots of recovery prayers to you!!

In light of the upcoming election, I think it's important that we see things like this in the news. I think it's important for people to make an informed decision when voting and more so even that they actually get out there and vote. If you don't vote, you don't have a say in who runs our country!

Thank you all for the wonderful Welcome!!

And thank you to for introducing me to all her wonderful friends!! I really appreciate the warm welcome :D

Monday, September 24, 2007

Speaking Out Against Poverty!

WHAT A GREAT ARTICLE!!! It's about TIME someone speaks out about the disgusting state that the social assistance recipients are in. It is horrible to know that you will not pay the bills in full on time, and not be able to go to the grocery store and just put "whatever" into the carts without adding up totals before you get to the check out. Hopefully, with this election, SOMETHING will change..........

From: The Welland Tribune

Speaking out about poverty

"For the record, we are not social assistance losers." With those words, Corinne O'Hara drew an explosive and supportive round of applause from a market square crowd of some 300 people attending yesterday's kNOw Poverty rally.
"We did not make a career choice to be poor or to collect social assistance," O'Hara said. "Nobody chooses to be hungry or struggle to provide the basic necessities of life for themselves and their children."
For a woman with bipolar disorder once afraid to leave her own home, O'Hara was very forthcoming in telling young and old that the plight of the poor has for too long been overlooked, and that it's time for change.
"Poverty means never having enough money to make it to the end of the month," she said.
"Whether this is to buy groceries or to deal with emergencies, it doesn't matter. The money isn't there for either," O'Hara added.
"Poverty means sleepless nights and anxiety attacks, wondering how you can ever continue to cope.
"It means being exhausted trying to juggle paying bills, buying food and making sure both you and your family have the necessities of life."
O'Hara said it also means living with a stigma attached to social assistance recipients or poor people.
"Children of poor people are still singled out and treated with contempt," she said.
"Poverty means having to deal with the embarrassment of going to the teacher and asking for more time to pay for a school agenda or school photos or something else your child needs, such as new gym shoes or items for school projects.
"Poverty means hearing yourself say over and over to your children, 'I'm sorry, but we can't afford that right now. Maybe later,' knowing that you are lying to them because later never comes."
RenLacourse, who scrapes by to afford medication for diabetes, let alone daily meals, said, "You have to be a survivor in this world."
A back injury forced him out of work. Once collecting $666 a month in disability support, that figure today has dropped to $520.
Linda Parker, also on disability support, too, knows what it's like to be poor.
"I'm lucky if I have $30 left to buy my personal stuff," she said of her monthly allowance.
Once a health-care aide and foster parent, Kim Mino told of how "I sit in fear not knowing where our next meal will come from."
She, too, spoke of the stigma she carries.
"I have been put down, frowned upon, ignored because I am a single mom."
"People are suffering and change must be done," said Nancy Hagar, who also relies on food banks and other means of support to live day to day.
Yesterday's parade of speakers demonstrated courage, a courage buoyed by the support of their neighbours, said Hope Centre executive director Sylvia Berkhout.
"I think the more support they get, the more they're taken seriously," she said.
"They (the poor) are the ones who need to be educating us."
Still, she said, there are some so afraid to speak out, fearing reprisal or being cut off of their government support, that they remain in the shadows.
"I've been blessed, but I've seen a lot of welfare, a lot of poverty," said Bianca Bruni, among demonstrators gathered at market square.
"Everyone should have the same quality of life opportunities."
Bruni was among dozens of people who wrote up questions for provincial election candidates in the Welland riding taking part in debate specifically focused on poverty. It's set for Wednesday night at Notre Dame College School.
"We want poverty to be at the top of their political agenda," said teacher and kNOw Poverty founding member Paul Turner.
The next step, he said, will be for his organization to sit down with the winner of the Oct. 10 vote and talk strategy.
"We have a huge struggle ahead of us."

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Catholic Board Defeats Move To Ban HPV Vaccine


Ok, I get the whole "don't be a whore" movement or whatever...however THIS doesn't make ANY sense at all!

Basically they're saying,

"We don't want to promote promiscuity, so we will try to ban this HPV vaccine, because the only way you can get HPV is through sexual activity."

What if a girl is raped? Oh, well, too bad for her, she'll possibly get genital warts and have a higher risk of getting cerivical cancer. *rolling eyes here*

My point of view:

Teens are going to have sex ANYWAY. Whether you give them this shot or not. If they are choosing to have sex or not, the decision most likely won't be swayed by whether or not they're protected from HPV. Just like those teens who decided to have sex anyway and got pregnant...the fact that they COULD get pregnant, didn't sway their decision to get pregnant.

Give them the shot, at least they'll be protected from a virus that could be LIFE ALTERING if they were to get CERVICAL CANCER in the future. It makes no sense to me that the Catholic Board would choose for their girls to have a higher risk of cancer and other illnesses just so they can say they didn't promote promiscuity. They have a lot of other ways they could be premoting abstinance until marriage. This world is a very scary place now and I know if I was a teenager still, I'd be getting the shot. You never know who's lurking in the dark waiting to give you genital warts and cervical cancer just to get their rocks off....withOUT your permission.


Just to introduce! In this blog, I will be "venting" alot of my strong opinions on some contraversial subjects. I invite comments (conflicting views and otherwise) but will not tolerate being disrespected....I am entitled to my own opinion and intend to voice it here where I can remove myself from a heated conversation.

I'm a 27 year-old office assistant with two deliciously yummy little boys aged almost 10 and 3 years. I'm a surrogate mom who gave birth to twins in November and am just about to come up on my second IVF transfer in October. I'm obsessed with weddings and babies and although I'm not engaged, I will probably quite often post new things I've found for my own wedding which I'm hoping will be in Jan 2010.

So enough about me for now, I have to go to work this morning...but I will leave you with this and will come back to write about my opinion a little later on!

Happy SoapBoxing!!