Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Just to introduce! In this blog, I will be "venting" alot of my strong opinions on some contraversial subjects. I invite comments (conflicting views and otherwise) but will not tolerate being disrespected....I am entitled to my own opinion and intend to voice it here where I can remove myself from a heated conversation.

I'm a 27 year-old office assistant with two deliciously yummy little boys aged almost 10 and 3 years. I'm a surrogate mom who gave birth to twins in November and am just about to come up on my second IVF transfer in October. I'm obsessed with weddings and babies and although I'm not engaged, I will probably quite often post new things I've found for my own wedding which I'm hoping will be in Jan 2010.

So enough about me for now, I have to go to work this morning...but I will leave you with this and will come back to write about my opinion a little later on!

Happy SoapBoxing!!


Bohemian Mom said...

omg...I can't believe you're 27.

Lillithmother said...

welcome to the bloghood!

Peace in,

ps. came here upon recommendation of BoMom...