Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Put rapists behind bars. How hard is that?"




Bohemian Mom said...

Disgusting, but true. So true.
There's another current case going on regarding a Toronto high school.
A teenage girl was gang-raped in the school washroom. The burden of proof is on this poor girl, and she's being called a liar because it happened last year and she's only speaking about it now. (a classic behaviour of rape victims).
Poor girl...and you wonder why she was afraid to tell anyone for an entire year.
Now she has to be dragged through the trauma of a trial and like so many other rape cases, these guys will probably go free.

Mich said...

Welcome Ayre!

Any friend of 'Gs' is most definitely a friend of mine. Please feel free to visit me @ http://michellechant.blogspot.com and join us @ http://virtualcircle.blogspot.com

That said, rapists are the scum of the earth. They take so much from their victims. The penalites should be the same as for a murderer, to rape a women is to try and take away her life and still make her live it.