Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Simple Womans Day Book


Outside my has started to snow and is grey and dreary.

I am thinking...about my child's health while he is at the emergency room for swelling around his eyes and eyelids.

I am thankful wonderful family, they are everything to me.

From the kitchen...Jeremy made Dr. Pepper Cake's lovely, moist and fudgy....yummy!

I am wearing...workout clothes, as always...even though I don't particularily like working out!

I am creating...many things...lots of tole painting and also some things for our upcoming wedding.

I am going...with Jer to pick out tuxes on Friday afternoon...I'm very excited!!

I am reading...tutorials on painting.

I am hoping...that our Jonah will be well again soon!

I am hearing...Marryn starting to complain in her crib...she is resisting her nap.

Around the a little untidy but otherwise quiet and comfortable.

One of my favorite listening to my children laugh.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Friday I have a knee specialist appointment and then picking out tuxes in the afternoon, Saturday we're going for dinner and a comedy show and Sunday is quiet.  Then I start work Monday.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Short lived success and Family Day

So, she wasn't so enthusiastic in the evening when I put my milk in said bottle.  She wouldn't even try it.  So I think we'll have to stick to watered down juice as a side with my homemade soup for her "mid-shift meal" when I'm working.  She just will NOT take it.  I know she'll be ok but I can't help but be a little bit sad that I can't give her what she wants, even just for that one meal when I'm not home.  It's good for us in the long run but bittersweet for me.

Anyway, we're having Jer's dad, step mom and brother and sisters over for dinner on Monday for family day.  I'm cooking a turkey that I got on sale at the butcher the last time I was there.  I'm really looking forward to it!  I'm also gonna make a lemon meringue pie with a graham cracker crust and some chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies for dessert.

Thinking a little down the road but I can't wait to be the one cooking for our families on holidays too.  Right now, we all get together on Christmas eve at a hall because there are too many of us but eventually I think that will come to an end (hopefully later rather than sooner, I love the big family get togethers!).  I'm hoping when we buy a house it will be big enough to fit everyone in for holidays.

When I was a little girl, my mom was always the one to cook dinners for holidays and special occassions like birthdays.  Whether it was turkey or roast beef or pork, I always loved when the whole family came together.  Even though I was the black sheep and made fun of by my "step brother and sister" and my cousins who always told me I was weird, I had aunts and uncles and my papa who always showed me that they loved me.  I loved it when they came over!  The smell of turkey at Christmas time is such a wonderful memory of that and look forward to my kids having the same kind of memories.

So, Happy Family Day!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Still waiting

But not to find out about the job...I got the job!  I find out when I have training on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Also, tonight we had success with this nipple which is awesome and makes me feel so much better about the whole situation!!

But, I'm still waiting...for spring and our Sunday drives to get local fruits and vegetables.  I watched a cooking show today that showed fruit crumble and I can't wait to make it!!!

I absolutely love our Sundays in the spring, summer and fall!  It's such quality time for us as a family...even James, though he doesn't come all the time, is excited to see what we got when we got home (he just hates the drives!!).  I'm so looking forward to resuming the routine!! And then of course the warm sunshine and cool breeze and the smell of the snow melting.  I love the feeling of cool and warm mixed that only comes with early's refreshing and makes me feel like I'm awakening!

 What do you love about spring?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Tis a waiting game...such is life.

I had my second interview at the part time laundromat job yesterday and now I'm waiting to hear if I got it or not.  Did I mention I hate waiting???  Yeah.  Me?  Not so patient!

And then of course, waiting for everything to be in order for the wedding.  That is the worst kind of waiting because I'm not entirely sure when it will get done.  I've done just about everything I can possibly do aside from finish assembling favours...which I could do to hold me over...if I had a minute to breathe and sit down and do them!!

Feels like there are not enough hours in the day these days...

I'll update when I know.

Monday, February 8, 2010

PMS ect.

I hate when I'm bitchy.  I particularly hate the fact that I'm bitchy with my family and my already pretty short fuse becomes nonexistent.  I'm snippy, I'm bitchy, I'm depressed and almost nothing can make me happy for long.  It sucks.

I am currently trying not to let this PMS take over my life (for as long as it's around anyway) because it's not fair.  I should be able to control my emotions but PMS sure makes it damn hard to do that!!!!

In other news, I've started printing our invitations!!
The caption reads:

~As golden autumn imbues her radiant leaves
Tired summer rests as the seasons weave
As harvest begins, joyful hearts renew
There will be one, where once were two~

And then the rest of the information follows (though it's not pictured here)...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Deep breath

In and out.  Sigh.

Things will be ok with our nursing situation.  I'm not taking the job at the call centre.

I am, however, going to continue looking for part time work so that I can continue nursing and I did receive a call today about another job that is part time so we'll see if that pans out!  I'm not against the idea of working, I'm just against the idea of quitting nursing when my daughter is clearly not ready and not interested in anything but me!  She even takes solids sparsely.  She really enjoys apples, pears and peaches but isn't interested in anything but.  The girl cannot live on fruit alone!

So, the plan is, part time for now while I'm her main food source.  Then in April when she's able to have some cows milk and also eating some more solids (hopefully!!!) then I will look into the full time job with my best friend.  I'm hoping it all works out my way!!!

Anyway, here is a preview of our stag and doe tix!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The logisitcs

Well I got a job.  The one at the call centre.  And about an hour and a half later, Jer got called to go to school for his apprenticeship from March 1st to April 23rd.  Monday to Friday days.

My training would be 7:30am to 3pm, 5 days a week but I'm not sure what days.  I'm supposed to start on the 18th.

We've been working on the bottle for Marryn too.  It's not going well...we've tried formula, juice, a mix of my milk and formula....she won't have any of it.  We're gonna keep trying...there is a nipple that is shaped like her nuni (pacifier) that we're gonna get and see if that helps.

I'm so damn down about this whole situation and it stinks!  I was thinking about it on my way to my interview...and I know I've been all sappy and emotional about it and so I thought to myself, "I'm gonna suck it up, put on my big girl panties and go to work to help keep my family afloat while we're in this situation."  I know Marryn will be ok, though it'll be hard.  And then when Jer got called it was like a spiral right back to where I was yesterday when I was bawling while watching Jer try to get a screaming Marryn to take a bottle that she didn't want.

Anyway, we're gonna talk about it and work on it and see what we can come up the mean time, we picked and ordered our stag and doe tickets!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February

Ahhh, the month before spring...the month of red and pink hearts and romance and chocolate....the month of groundhogs and shadows and now also Family Day (though I think just about everyday is family day, I don't need a day to tell me to appreciate them!).

I've always loved February.  Even though it's usually the coldest month of the year, it's also the shortest month and it's so much closer to spring than January!!

I'm hoping to start off this month great and be offered a job soon!  As much as I don't want to, if I have to, I want to just do it already.  I HATE job searching...I always have!  I got a call from one of the call centres in the area and I returned the call and left a message so I'm just waiting to hear back from them again.  I think that's my best bet at the moment.  Until something better comes along anyway.

We've finally got our Stag and Doe booked for July 16th!  I've been doing a lot of planning around that right now and I'm in the process of designing tickets...I'll probably post a couple of pictures to get some feedback (not than anyone comments often, but I figure maybe I'll put a vote thingy up).

This month is kinda quiet, which is nice.  A few appointments but other than that not much is going on.  Of course, Valentine's day is coming up but with our current $$ situation, we probably won't do a whole lot, if anything.  Which is ok, again, I don't need a day to tell me to love and appreciate my signifigant other...I love him and appreciate him everyday.  I'll get him a card but that may be the extent of it!

James has a bowling tournament about an hour and a half away at the end of the month as well that we're all looking forward to...I'm so happy he enjoys it and it's good at it!

Then, MARCH!!  Bring on the sunshine and dew and sprouts and buds!  I can't wait to smell that earthy scent again.  I'm grateful that our winter has been so lienient on us but I'm still so looking forward to spring!