Friday, February 12, 2010

Still waiting

But not to find out about the job...I got the job!  I find out when I have training on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Also, tonight we had success with this nipple which is awesome and makes me feel so much better about the whole situation!!

But, I'm still waiting...for spring and our Sunday drives to get local fruits and vegetables.  I watched a cooking show today that showed fruit crumble and I can't wait to make it!!!

I absolutely love our Sundays in the spring, summer and fall!  It's such quality time for us as a family...even James, though he doesn't come all the time, is excited to see what we got when we got home (he just hates the drives!!).  I'm so looking forward to resuming the routine!! And then of course the warm sunshine and cool breeze and the smell of the snow melting.  I love the feeling of cool and warm mixed that only comes with early's refreshing and makes me feel like I'm awakening!

 What do you love about spring?

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