Monday, February 8, 2010

PMS ect.

I hate when I'm bitchy.  I particularly hate the fact that I'm bitchy with my family and my already pretty short fuse becomes nonexistent.  I'm snippy, I'm bitchy, I'm depressed and almost nothing can make me happy for long.  It sucks.

I am currently trying not to let this PMS take over my life (for as long as it's around anyway) because it's not fair.  I should be able to control my emotions but PMS sure makes it damn hard to do that!!!!

In other news, I've started printing our invitations!!
The caption reads:

~As golden autumn imbues her radiant leaves
Tired summer rests as the seasons weave
As harvest begins, joyful hearts renew
There will be one, where once were two~

And then the rest of the information follows (though it's not pictured here)...

1 comment:

Bohemian Single Mom said...

Haha PMS - gotta love it! I turn into such a bitch, T knows exactly when my 28 days are up!! LOL

And you know I love those invitations!