Thursday, February 4, 2010

Deep breath

In and out.  Sigh.

Things will be ok with our nursing situation.  I'm not taking the job at the call centre.

I am, however, going to continue looking for part time work so that I can continue nursing and I did receive a call today about another job that is part time so we'll see if that pans out!  I'm not against the idea of working, I'm just against the idea of quitting nursing when my daughter is clearly not ready and not interested in anything but me!  She even takes solids sparsely.  She really enjoys apples, pears and peaches but isn't interested in anything but.  The girl cannot live on fruit alone!

So, the plan is, part time for now while I'm her main food source.  Then in April when she's able to have some cows milk and also eating some more solids (hopefully!!!) then I will look into the full time job with my best friend.  I'm hoping it all works out my way!!!

Anyway, here is a preview of our stag and doe tix!!

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Bohemian Single Mom said...

Cool, cool, absolutely and totally and completely COOL !!!!!!!!