Thursday, June 26, 2008

38 Weeks

Wow...38 weeks. Almost done carrying this little boy!! I have a Dr's appointment today and I believe we'll be discussing whether or not to induce. I will update when I get back this afternoon.

In other news, all the paper work is signed for the adoption (finally) and I'm just about half way through the stupid 21 days I have to wait. My lawyer's assisstant is on vacay til July 14th so nothing will be done until that day...then I have to go in and sign some form that says I waited the 21 days and then they can file it. Hopefully it will go quickly after that.....and hopefully my lawyer won't have to do much more work either as I just received the bill for the work they've done so far.....$1300 later. *sigh* I really was hoping it wouldn't cost us that much and they're not even done with the case yet! So, we'll see...I bet it costs around $2000 total....even though everyone consented and I could have done this myself.

Jer finally got a new job too!! He's now a pipefitter apprentice in the plumber's and steamfitter's union....YAY! I'm so happy for him...he really deserved a break and it finally came.

Anyway, I'll update again like I said after I get home from the Dr.''s hoping for some news....any news....about getting this baby out. I'm SOOOO done!!!


Not dilated, not ready to give birth, no induction....still miserable, hot, huge and tired.....and will be for another week at least. Next friday is my next appointment. *sigh*


ThisGuy said...

Nobody likes a winer... Suck it up, i'll let you know when I see a leg hanging down. HAHAHAHAHA

Bohemian Mom said...

Repeat this mantra....
Any day now. Any day now. Any day now.
The false labour must have pissed you off, I know how ready you are to birth this little guy.

Any day now....