Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Still no word from the lawyer....I have a feeling this is going to take forever. Thank God I decided to put Jonah in the french daycare so that at least we have a good shot at getting him into the french school in September for kindergarten. (Seriously, how is my baby starting kindergarten already????? *sniff*)

Everything is going well with Baby N...Almost 32 weeks...I can't beleive it's almost over already!!! These pregnancies have definitely gone faster than my own! I'm guessing it's because I'm not anticipating a baby at the end and waiting and waiting to finally see what I've created....it's a different sort of feeling. I'm excited to see Baby N but not in the way I was excited to see my own children. I think I'm more excited to sleep a full night through without waking up to pee!!!! :D

Anyway, just a short post today because it's been a while but I don't have anything to say really...I may call the lawyer today to see where we're at progress wise...and then later this week I'll be posting another belly picture...later!!

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