Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Children's Aid/FACS.....yay.

Well we went to the lawyer yesterday to start the adoption with him....and he informed us that we will probably have to have a home study done by FACS.


They are the WORST organization to deal with and to have to invite them into my home scares the SHIT out of me.

They can do whatever they want....and I know this because of what has happened to me in the past.

I'm afraid that they may hinder this process for us....and if they do that, the shit will hit the fan because I will most likely take my story to the media at that point.

After having my 7 year old son left in a home where they had JUST removed pot plants, be it 2 or 28, I think the media would have a hayday with that one!

So, I guess we'll see how it goes.


ThisGuy said...

See, the reason FACS is still around is because no other organization goes after the government bid for the job of family/children safety/responsibility. See, when you know you are the only man for the job, that there is no other competition for your job, and that you can never lose your job, what happens? Well, you become lazy, you don't give a shit, and it doesnt matter. Until you have another orginaztion go up against FACS and bid for this government contract (which they are paid extreamly well for) you'll continue to put up with their bullshit!!

Ruth said...

What a pain that you have to go through so much trouble when you are his MOTHER and his bio dad already signed the papers!!! I hope it goes as smoothly as possible...we've gone through 3 home studies ourselves in our attempts to adopt.

Bohemian Mom said...

FACS is the most vile, twisted, obscene, incompentent, hipocritical system around.
They will place a child in a home with a known child abuser, as long as that abuser:
A) has a nice house and the dishes are done.
B) has a "respectable" job.
C) or is legally married to someone with a "respectable" job.

They will allow access of an innocent child to a dead-beat, drug addicted, child molesting father as long as that father is
A) the biological father
B) is paying at least $10 a month in child support

Around the corner from me a couple years ago, a 2-year-old baby boy was placed in a "foster home" where he was smothered to death with a pillow by another 14 year old "foster child" the very night he arrived.
(verb)- to promote the growth or development of; to care for or cherish; to feed or nourish.

And why that baby was taken from his natural mother? Because her house was messy.

It physically sickens me that you have to deal with them.
Good luck with that.

Mich said...

Sending you light and blessings to get through this.