Monday, April 28, 2008


Not tagging anyone, do it if you feel like it!

1. What I was doing five years ago:
~Being severely depressed and slightly crazy....

2. Five things on my to-do list:
~ laundry
~ clean the porch
~ find a job I can do from home
~ make a payment to ICS before they decide they won't let me graduate because I owe them money all the time :S
~ find a new book to read

3. Five favourite smells:
~ patchouli
~ comet cleanser (though this will change when I'm not pregnant anymore)
~ pine sol (see above)
~ bon-fires
~ Karma soap from Lush

4. Five junk-food items I enjoy:
~ fast food of just about any kind
~ chocolate
~ pepperettes
~ cream soda
~ chips and dip

5. Five favourite articles of clothing:
~ maternity yoga pants
~ maternity capri yoga pants lol
~ maternity shorts (might as well be yoga shorts lol)
~ grey flimsy maternity shirt
~ maternity sweater
*I like all of these articles of clothing even when I'm not pregnant....they're just TOOOOO comfortable to put them I wear them around the house lol

6. Five things I would do if I was a billionaire:
~ make sure my family & friends had everything they needed
~ build a brand new custom house with like 8 bedrooms and have more children!
~ open a home for unwed teen mothers that does NOT insist on preaching to them through out their entire pregnancy...
~ go on vacation for as long as I feel like
~ send my kids to private school

7. Five of my bad habits:
~ I'm needy...can't help it
~ I'm addicted to chapstick
~ I procrastinate too much
~ I like to get my own way :S
~ I am too even when I shouldn't's bad....

8. Five jobs I've had:
~ China Star...most horrible job I ever had in my whole life.
~ telemarketer
~ Food Basics cashier
~ Subway Sandwich Artist
~ Car financing/admin assistant

9. Five all time favourite movies:
~ Almost Famous
~ Circle of Friends
~ Empire Records
~ Girl, Interupted
~ Napoleon Dynamite

10. Five favourite bands/musicians:
~ Ani DiFranco
~ Incubus
~ Beatles
~ Maroon 5
~ Cake


Bohemian Mom said...

(~ "China Star...most horrible job I ever had in my whole life")

omg! rotflmao!!!!!
I know where YOU GREW UP!!!!!!!

ThisGuy said...

Thats cool. I didn't know you were Chineese. Can you do Feng Shui?? My appartment needs some help!

Ruth said...

Thanks for sharing! Nice way to get to know you a little better. :-)