Thursday, April 10, 2008

With a side of sarcasm, please?

Why is it that everytime I go to the court house to do something, the bitch*AHEM* lady behind the counter won't volunteer ANY information at all or if she does, she's super sarcastic about it? Do they take lessons???? JEEZ!

Conversation today while at the court house filing the adoption papers:

Lady: You're going to attempt to do this without a lawyer?

Us: Yes, it would appear that way....

L: Ok, is this everything?

U: Yes...are we missing something?

L: No.

U: *thinking to myself, then why are you asking if this is everything?????*

L: Ok, we'll call you...

U: Call us?

L: Yes, well, you can't expect it to be done on the spot!

U: Well no, but what do you mean call us, don't you give us a court date?

L: No, we'll give this to the clerk and when she's satisfied that it's complete she'll give it to the judge to make the order, if you want to attend, we'll set up a time for that, otherwise you don't need to be here for it to be finalized.

U: Oh, ok, so if something isn't complete you'll let us know and then we will finish what needs to be finished and bring it back in again?

L: Well, no, we can't tell you how to complete it....

U: No, I'm not asking you how to complete it but someone will at least let us know WHAT IT IS that's not complete, right??

L: Oh, yes.

U: Ok...that's all I wanted to know, thanks...we'll wait for your call *ROLLING EYES*

Like really??? And it's that way EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I know they're not allowed to give legal advice but COME ON. At least EXPLAIN to me what you're may have done this 100 times but this is MY first time....

So, now we sit and wait, and from the way she put it, it sounds like it could be a while before we hear anything. *sigh*

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Bohemian Mom said...

The most incompentent legal system with a staff having the combined IQ of a turnip.
Try going twice a month for over a year to get a restraining order on a psycho ex, (while trying to keep yourself ALIVE throughout the process).
And then finally, on the day you get the "piece of paper", he chases you, yelling and screaming to your car, because "it isn't in effect until you leave the courthouse property" ???????

So good luck with that.