Monday, April 14, 2008

Information that would have been useful LAST THURSDAY.

Well, the court house called. *sigh*..............................*rolls eyes*

We need a certified copy of the statement of live birth (that will cost $35.00 and can only be paid for with a credit card) before they will even look at the application.

Also, "things need to be consistent!" according to the lady on the phone...

What things you might ask? Things such as the names on the seems we've put different names as the person who was applying. I asked for an example.

Lady: "Well, on one form, you have J.M.L listed as the applicant, and on another one you have J.L. listed as the applicant." *Note, that the J's and L's are the EXACT SAME NAME.

Me: "Yes, well some of the forms asked for 'Name' and the others asked for 'Full name', hence why we've written M, J's middle name on some of the forms but not the others."

Lady: "Well, it has to be consistent."

Me: *sigh*

So, in short, she told me that she's never seen a Step-Parent Adoption be accepted and or finalized without legal representation.

Me: "So why didn't someone tell us that we wouldn't be successful without legal representation when we came in to file the application in the first place on Thursday of last week?"

Lady: "I didn't say that it wouldn't be successful without legal representation."

Me: "Well, that's it in a nutshell, no? If you've never seen it happen, then we had best get some representation?"

Lady: "Well, it would be wise if you want this to go through and not be delayed, yes."

Me: *sigh*

Lady: "Would you like me to mail your paper work back to you?"

Me: "Well, I guess so, seeing as you can't do anything with it anyway...*rolls eyes*"


So, I called my much for this not costing anything. I'll wait for the paper work to come back, order the statement of live birth (certified copy none the less which costs $10 more than the regular birth certificate, why that won't do I don't know), and make an appointment with my lawyer to start the paper work all over again so that it's CONSISTENT.

My lawyer's assistant says that even with legal representation the court house is ridiculously meticulous about the paper work for adoption...

Information that would have been useful when I picked up the forms to start this process in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why can't they just tell you that from the start???


Bohemian Mom said...

red tape....these people live for it!
I think it's the only way they can ensure to keep their jobs in today's economy....make things as complicated as possible.
It's just too bad they can't hire intelligent, organized, sociable people who genuinely CARE about your situation and want to help.... not just get a weekly paycheque for submitting their "paperwork piles"!

Ruth said...

What a pain! It doesn't seem you should need to hire a lawyer to complete this paperwork. Well I hope it costs as little as possible and can go through as quickly and easily as possible.