Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ok, so after 5 weeks of The Tories this and the Liberals that and NDP fucked up when Bob Rae was in so lets crucify them til the end of time...............


Tax payers spent umpteen million dollars on an election that didn't change a damned thing.

After all the backlash the Tories took, they are still in the same position they were in yesterday...and the Liberals are a little worse off (as they should be) than they were yesterday. I was happy to see that the NDP got a few more seats than they had yesterday but still WE ELECTED THE FUCKING TORIES AGAIN?????

What I would like to know is who are all these people voting for them when everyone does nothing but bitch about them???

STEPHEN HARPER IS ONE EVIL MOTHERFUCKER.....and you just wait...the other shoe has to drop eventually.

And guess who will get screwed in the end?????


Anonymous said...

I hear

The whole election process in unholy and corrupt.

Think about the U.S. Do you seriously believe Bush got in by votes?


Ayre said...

Nope and I'm now starting to wonder if we don't have the same issues here.

Anonymous said...

People really believe in this country anymore don't they....the worst ever turn out rate 58% voted...but really who the hell do you have to chose from...And yes we do have the same problems as the americans...we're fucked..!!

This Guy said...

Yup, we are FUCKED!! And not in a good place either like the bum... Well maybe in the bum, but there sure as hell wasnt any lube used!!

Thats all really I have to say about politics, its just one ass raping (minus the lube) after another. People are stupid, people don't get it. I voted Green, cause I am a Green Machine! :) lol

Ayre said...

And that's our problem, people don't bother voting. I read somewhere that they made it a law that you have to vote in Switzerland or get fined like $500 if you don't and that's the way it SHOULD be...this isn't a luxury, it's a right and it should be exercised...we might not have the gov't we have if everyone voted.