Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gobble, Gobble!

Happy Late Thanksgiving my fellow Canadians!!!

Hello to you everyone else!!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

A few items of business for this post..........

I was in Havelock from Thursday night until yesterday afternoon....it was FANTASTIC. We had a lovely dinner with 40 other people, all connected to Jer's Dad's side of the family in some way and that wasn't even all of them!!! Boy, we're in for a huge wedding!! No getting around it! Jer's paternal grandmother (Meme) was there and made it a point to let me know that I am accepted in their family and that they love me and my boys very much. It was very touching! For a long time I was worried that they wouldn't accept me being that they are a VERY Catholic family and I have two children from two different father's and I was never married. But, they see how happy Jer and I are together and how much love we have to give to everyone...we're a perfect fit and they can see that. It is really nice to be part of such a loving family now. It's nice to be accepted and fit in after not being accepted and fitting in with my own "family" for so long.

I had my first PartyLite show a little while ago and I did quite well, my next one is this Saturday and I'm hoping I'll do as well as the first!

I've also recently sold a few things on ebay...this is great because I'm using the paypal money to buy more xmas presents and items I need but can get for cheaper on ebay (like pants for Jonah!). I'm hoping to be able to keep doing this...it allows me to shop (which I hate doing unless it's from home) but it's not costing nearly as much!
Ovulation is occuring as I type...I will soon be in the two week wait again (though mine is only normally about 12 days)...I'm feeling very positive about this cycle...THINKING PINK!!!!
Halloween is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my all time favourite holiday. I don't really know why but I just love it. Fall is my favourite season, everything is pretty and smells so good...the air is crisp and cool and refreshing. I love the sound of the leaves crunching under foot when you're walking and Halloween is ALL of that PLUS dressing up and candy!!!! Who doesn't love that?!?!?!

That's about it...I'll probably have a post tomorrow seeing as today is Election Day...until then!!!


Bohemian Single Mom said...

I did it. I voted.

This Guy said...

LOL ya ya ya. I voted. Voting is stupid, the fucking torries are gonna get in anyways.. OH wait! Yup, I'm right. They are in.

Jane said...

Happy belated turkey day!!! My god that is a BIG family!!!