Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday Tunes

This week it's word association again. You tell us the first artist/song/album that comes to mind when you see these words

Icy - The Icicle Melts - The Cranberries

Dark - Anything by Marilyn Manson

End - The end of the world as we know it - REM

December - Long December - Counting Crows

Flake - Britney Spears much??

Duet - Cruising - from Duets the Movie

Beat - Beat it - Michael Jackson

Stress - Ani DiFranco, I always listen to her when I'm stressed out, and it always helps.

Harmony - Sarah Harmer...I think because the name is similar

New - Beautiful Day by U2....I don't know why though....


Tenorman said...

I love "Cruising"!!! It's a great duet. By the way, I think it's time to watch "Home" again. One of the peacocks is on the loose.

Bohemian Mom said...

Britney..,good call! You win the dishwasher!
Back on line now...I might try this one!