Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring has sprung!

There are buds on the trees and everything is wet, muddy and new smelling.  I saw some yellow weed type flowers on someone's lawn when I was driving the other day too.  It's all very refreshing!!!

I'm very happy that the winter is finally over.  It was a short one, for sure, but it was harsh on me emotionally and I'm feeling better now that there are warmer days and sunshine....well, not today, it's cold and rainy but that's to be expected at this time of year. :)

There isn't a whole lot to report at the moment...I'm getting a tattoo on Thursday to cover one I have on my neck that doesn't suit me anymore.  I'm getting a fairy done (I collect them)...

Something like this.

Then in the near future I'm also getting my horribly done tattoo on my arm fixed/covered by the same girl.  I'm very excited to have a beautiful tattoo to show off at my wedding!!!!

Next month is also the open house for our reception venue where we get to taste and see everything that is included in our package so we can make an informed decision about what we serve and how we decorate...we refer to this day as "Tasty Day" lol...Can't wait!!!!

Other than that, wedding planning is slow right now because we have as much as possible done right now.  I'm still plugging away at the favours and still painting for our wedding party gifts and stag and doe prizes.  Tuxes are picked out and we basically just have to wait for the money to be there to do anything else!

I hope you're all enjoying our spring weather!  :)

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