Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feeling a little better...

The sun is SHINING!!!  A LOT!  I love it and how much better it makes me feel!!!

The job is going well, it's still a lot of work for little money but I'm getting the hang of things and I DON'T hate it yet lol...which is a good sign!!!!

The hours work well with everyone's schedule (even though I have to work every weekend) and I'm very glad about that.

Things, while tight right now, are starting to look up.  Jer was at his union hall the other day and if he weren't taking his basic plumbing course right now he'd be back to work.  He'll likely be back to work as soon as his done on April 23rd and I'm SO HAPPY about that.  We're barely keeping afloat right now...our taxes will be done Friday and we'll be using that money to pay off a bunch of the credit card debt (only to wrack it up again with wedding expenses lol) and to get a new tire for the van (why does shit break only when you have no money?? lol).

Also, my future sister in law made one of my wedding dreams come true...she booked us a harpist for our ceremony and two hours at our reception...I'm SOOO excited!!!  All my life I've wanted to walk down the aisle to a harp playing Canon in D and I was going to just use a recording of it...now I'll have it played live!!

I'm so glad that spring is around the corner!  My best friend is moving in the apartment kitty corner from us on April 1st as well which I'm so so excited about!!

Anyway, that's all for now...

Soak up the sunshiny goodness!!!!

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Bohemian Single Mom said...

I just think it's great that your dreams are all coming true. You've worked hard and paid your dues and it's about time the universe is giving you some kudos.
You're on the path that you've dreamed of - enjoy it, you deserve every single bit of it!