Friday, November 14, 2008

Who Am I?

Have you ever stopped to think about it for real? What encompasses you? What defines you? What makes you who you are? If you were asked to describe yourself, what would you say?

I am at a loss for words. I'm sad because I really don't feel like I know who I am.

After talking with This Guy about blogs and comments and Blog names, it occured to me that I am NOT the Cross Stitch Bitch (despite the fact that I do Cross Stitch and I do Bitch from time to time, it doesn't not encompass me). Nor am I a soapbox as this blog had originally started as (even though I do step up there sometimes, I'm not continuously on the box).

Who am I?

There will be a new name coming in the future, one I hope will be ME. One I hope will explain who I am or at least sort of explain.

I'm simple. I'm not eye catching. I'm not glamourous. I'm not shiny or sparkly. I don't really have an edge. I don't wear make up or fancy clothes. I don't stand out. I really am a girl next door.

And that's ok, because I like it that way.


This Guy said...

I am loving your honesty here! Yes, does anyone really think about who they are, what really defines them. I hadn't, ever, up until my yoga training. It was drilled into me.. lol

No dear, you are not the cross stitch bitch, its just a very small facet of who you are. You are a wife, a mother, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a fighter, a ass kicking girl! And thats okay, because thats how we like you.

You will find your blogging name, it will come when the time is meant, when the universe sends it to you.

Anonymous said...

You are so many things to yourself, your home, your kids, your man, your friends and your family.
Yes, it's true you are very "girl next door"...but most of all, I think of you as a nurturing mom, loving partner to Jeremy & support system for your friends.

How about "Mama Next Door"?... or something along those lines, to support your shift from karokee/guitar-playing wild child into domestic bliss, building your family, mode.

Like Bret'll find a description to sum up all your awesome qualities and name your blog.

Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Domestic Goddess?

Sacred Suzie said...

Very powerful realization! Good for you for asking those questions and realizing that who you were portraying to the world, didn't fit. That a huge step in the right direction. I can't wait to see who you are!

We are worthy. :) So true!

Anonymous said...

Then again, UNDER CONSTRUCTION is a cool name too.

NapoleonOverlap said...

What about a play on words, like a radio or a dial. Something that's always gonnabe a radio, or a phone, but can change and communicate a million different ways. Or, what about your favorite fabrics. Pliable, and comfy, yet strong and durable....ow what about your most favorite Ani song ever. The one that really REALLY moves you. More than all the rest. Go read some lyrics and fin some inspiration there.

Think of your favorite things, and there you go! All in all, i think finding one's self is something that we all attempt and fail at repeatedly throughout life. Mine will come to me on my death bed. I'll be lyng there, all shrivelling up and a light bulb will pop up at the last possible second. OH! THERE IT IS!! YAY. I'm dead now. Hahaha :)