Monday, November 24, 2008

Still Surreal

So, the last two posts kind of sucked, I know. But honestly, I really don't have a whole lot to report. Being in early pregnancy, I don't feel the baby yet, I can't hear the heartbeat on my doppler yet, I haven't had the ultrasound yet so I can't post any pictures of the little bean. Early pregnancy, despite being sick, is pretty boring lol.

It's still surreal to me really. In the last three years I've been pregnant three times and this is the 4th baby (there were twins in 2006). This is the first of those babies that I'm actually bringing home with me. It's hard to believe sometimes...we don't have much done in the way of preparing yet...we have some clothes that were given to us but that's about it. Jonah's crib is still at my moms and we don't really have a place for it at the moment...of course it's still very early to be even thinking about those things but I think as time goes on and as more things are accumulated and prepared, it will make it more real.

Reflecting on the last two pregnancies is weird too. They aren't all that different than this one thouse I'm not nearly as sick this time because I'm not on any of the medications I was for the surrogacy (both were IVF and so needed drugs to sustain the pregnancy until 12 weeks when the placenta took over). Still, I'm having a very hard time envisioning bringing this baby home with us and having him or her with me all the time during the hospital stay. The last two times, I brought DVD's and magazines to keep me occupied and I was still bored lol. This time is going to be so different...we're going to have a baby!!!!

I'm very excited to be a mom again. We're not finding out the sex this time so that will add to the excitement in the end as well...but really, I'm SO DONE being pregnant for a while. I feel so very lucky and blessed to be able to get pregnant so easily and quickly. I know how many mother's (those with children and those without, I truly believe that every woman who wants children is already a mother) would love to be in my shoes and who would like to throw rocks at me for complaining!! Trust me, I am grateful! I'm just very excited to NOT be pregnant for a while after this little peanut comes. I'm sure my body will thank me as well!

So, while I'm not throwing out great posts right now, keep in mind I'm still under construction here and early pregnancy is boring (not to mention makes you sick a little everyday lol) and I promise to have better posts soon!!!!


Bohemian Single Mom said...

Awesome post!
True, it must be so weird for you this time. Knowing that this pregnancy YOU will be bringing home YOUR baby.
After blessing those other families with miracle babies of their own, you soooooo deserve to have another happy, healthy pregnancy this time around.

Take it easy and be gentle with yourself. Although you're great at being pregnant, your body has done a lot of hard work the past few years.
You deserve to put your feet up, relax and watch movies, because you know in about 8 months, you won't be able to!

This Guy said...

Well said my dear! Yes, I can't even imagine how difficult the switching of mindsets would be - doing the surogacies then being able to bring your own baby home! I am so excited for you two!! I can't wait to start crocheting for this baby!!! :D

Bohemian Single Mom said...

omg! LOVE your new blog banner!!!
P E R F E C T !!!!!!


This Guy said...

Looken pretty sassy!! ;)

Dia said...

How wonderful!! & it sure will be different, but I know you'll be a great mom 'one more time,' & will SO enjoy snuggling up with the little one!! (came here from 'This Guy's' sweet posting) I have 4 grandkids, & my dau-in law sews awesome cloth diapers - loved it that both she & my dau. nursed & ate healthy & etc.

Many blessings :)

Dia said...

the link for her etsy is:

We began making diapers for my oldest grand daugher - now 8 (her niece) & she perfected & kept it up! :)