Monday, February 28, 2011

"Sending it to the Universe" List

  1. Full work weeks for Jer....I know that this is something that should resume as of this week but the holidays and January (and most of Feb) were more illnesses or recovery periods for him...or any of us really!
  2. More Epicure shows for me, I already have 4 booked for March, a couple more would be great!
  3. A bit of savings...we're living pay cheque to pay cheque since Christmas...I just want to be able to get through the week without having to wait for Thursdays.
  4. SPRING!!  Please?  Can it be right now?  I walked Jonah to the bus today and had puddles in my boots just halfway down the street...this wouldn't be so bad if the puddles were slush!!
  5. Again, spring, so we can start going on our Sunday drives to get fresh local fruit and veg.  I soooo miss that!!!
  6. A good plan at the Dr. for James tomorrow.  It's been going on forever and I know we'd all feel better if we had some resolution, even if it's bandaid for now.
  7. And, just puttin' it out there, the lottery would be friggin' sweet.  I have a lot of people I wish I could help right now, including my good friend Sarah who is putting her house up for sale today...if we won, I'd pay her mortgage off so she didn't have to move...and that's not all...
What do you wish for these days??

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