Sunday, September 26, 2010

The morning after...

Oh I'm getting OLD!!!

Of course last night was our joint bachelor/ette party and it was fantastic but OMG I'm tired and hurtin' today!!!  I didn't go to bed until 3am!  I never do that anymore!  There was a time when I was on a routine of bed at 6am and sleep all day I am usually up at 6am!!

So today I feel like a train wreck and I have no idea how people drink all night and then get up in the morning, I would have to stay in bed for days if I did that!

We started at around 3pm yesterday, I had a Passion Party and it was a good time, low key, just a couple people but it was good.  We laughed and talked about dirty things and it was fun!  Then at 7 we went and had dinner at Boston Pizza which was also a blast...of course, being a bachelorette party, there were shots involved...but for me, seeing as I don't drink, my lovely sister in law-to-be's boyfriend got ME a shot of Coke!!  He wanted me to be included in the shot drinking party but knows I don't drink so he arranged it.  I was very happy!!!!  This is why he's one of the groomsman!!  Great guy!

We were originally supposed to go to an outdoor karaoke bar but it was too cold so instead we went to ANOTHER Boston Pizza where they have bowling and I bowled for the first time in my life!  I did HORRIBLE but it was a lot of fun anyway lol...

Then we all came back here and had some penis cupcakes that my lovely sister in law-to be made for me and watched some Bob Ross.

It was such a great night and we're so lucky to have such great friends and family!!!

Thank you everyone!!

Today, Jer and the guys are off to play paintball and me and one of my Maids of Awesome are off to scope out picture locations for the wedding in the falls.

It's gonna be a great day!  Breakfast at 11 with everyone from last night and some people who are going paintball as well....

Loving life!!!!

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