Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well, 20 weeks today! Half way there and it feels like yesterday that I was peeing on sticks just to see those two pink lines!!!

It's amazing, every day I grow more connected to this little life that's growing inside me. I have less worry about not having a big enough heart to love all of these children. I still worry about the birth and what will happen...I'm scared something may happen to me or my uterus but I try not to dwell too much...there's nothing I can do until that time comes and it's still 20 weeks away!

I have still not heard from the court house as to whether they'll approve my request for an urgent motion so that I won't be held in contempt of court when I don't do "my share" of the driving each weekend. By Friday it won't matter anymore and the worst part is I know that even if they do call by then it won't be until next week that we get in there at which point AGAIN it won't matter. Though the boy doesn't want to go this weekend anyway and will stay home so I won't TECHNICALLY be "deliberatley disobeying the court order"...the D-bag told the boy that it's up to him when he comes now and he doesn't want to go because he doesn't want to help them move. Last weekend when he picked him up he asked if he could have him Thursday night until the following Monday and keep him out of school on the Friday and the boy spoke up and said, "Why so I can help you move?" and the D-bag said yes. I don't think that's very fair really....he's barely there and then he has to help them pack and clean and move everything??? Not a very fun kind of "spending time with my dad" kind of weekend.

And then there's the fact that he came home from last weekend and told me that the D-bag's girlfriend told him that he's not allowed to bring his Nintendo DS anymore...I swear they're trying to make him NOT want to go anymore.

He also said that she told him that if he gets all C's again on his next report card he'll be grounded there. It really burns my ass when they say shit like that...that is NOT positive reinforcement. When the boy came home with a report card that looked like that I asked him what he thought. He said he wasn't happy with it. I told him that if he wasn't happy with it then he needed to try his best to get better grades. I did NOT punish him...I don't think that's the way to handle stuff like that and it is discouraging to a child, especially in the middle of the term, reports are due to go home in a month. Now he's going to worry about what his report is going to look like until he gets's not right. If the boy would just buckle down and do the WORK that's given to him he'd get amazing grades...this is not a question of whether or not he CAN do's that he's NOT doing it and I've been working with him to make sure he does it but there is only so much I can do from home.

The D-bag is just pushing him further and further away and I'm not sure if he realizes that or not. It's sad but the boy will come to his own conclusions about his father and one day will form his own opinions as well...I don't think it will be pretty.


Jennifer said...

that is a hard situation... i'm watching my nephew today b/c my brother has drama with my nephew's mother and some with is wife as well. it really makes me hope and pray even more than I do now that there is never a problem with my husband and i... that we don't seperate and also that IF God forbid we do that we can get along and also that there won't be step-parent problems...

hang in there. and give the boy a hug for me. :) sounds like he is already having an opinion about his father.

as for the 20 wk mark... CONGRATS!! doesn't it feel good? this was part of the time that I felt on top of the world while pregnant! :)

lots of hugs to all of you!!


Bohemian Single Mom said...

bwahahaha - the D-bag!!! (sorry - can't help it).

Your situation never ceases to amaze me.
To take a child out of school to help his dad pack & move??? Is he kidding?

Umm, and the "girlfriend" has NO business parenting and disciplining your child. That's just ridiculous. She cannot just enter into a kid's life (as his father's girlfriend) and step into the role of parenting. And you're absolutely right - parenting is not about punishment for some low grades. Sheesh! Gentle encouragement, help and guidance are all he needs and you're doing that.
Why are there so many losers in the world? Why is the court system so complicated? Whatever happened to common sense?

Half-baked!! It IS going by fast!!

Ruth said...

Congrats on reaching the half-way mark already wow!! :-) I hope the rest of your pgcy goes as smoothly as possible for both you and the peanut.