Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Young Bride

When I first read the headline, "9 year old bride walks down aisle in Dallas, Texas" my first thought was what kind of horrible parents let/force their 9 year old to get married??? But then I watched the accompanying video and proceeded to bawl my friggin eyes out. It's the story of a little girl battling luekemia who's battle will end in the next couple of weeks and her only wish was to get married so she did....watch but make sure you have kleenex!!!


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NapoleonOverlap said...

Oh man. I bawled my face off. That is so SAD, and i would absolutely do the same for my little girl or boy if heaven forbid i were ever in the same situation. I think it's wonderful that instead of dismissing the little girls wishes as silly and childish, the parents took a serious look at her situation and let her enjoy what time she has left. This is such a sad story, about yet another young little life, snuffed out by that demon cancer. God bless her little heart.