Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kitchen Sink

Well, today is the first day of Grade Six for my little (ok, not so little) boy. I cannot beleive how quickly he is growing up!! 11 years old in November, was it really that long ago? Am I the only parent who THOUGHT 11 years was a long time but when it's in your children's age, it seems like yesterday??

Jonah starts on the 11th. Junior Kindergarten. SERIOUSLY! I'm amazed at how much he's grown and a little sad that he is no longer a baby and is entering the next phase of his childhood already. 11 years feels like yesterday, 4 years feels like an hour ago!!

And so, with both of them off to school, I am feeling a little un-needed at the moment. But, we are also starting the next phase of our lives as well...trying to conceive. #3 for me and #1 (biologically) for him. I'm beyond excited!! I can't believe that in the near future there will be another little one in our family...I had thought that it would be a few years before we decided to do this but with what happened after Niko's birth, it kind of changed all of our priorities. We are hoping to be married in October 2010...we should know more where we stand financially by next summer. Why are weddings so damned expensive?????

In other news, I am looking for a part time job. Just something to ease up on the bills and to have some extra money coming in. Hopefully I'll get something that won't have us strapped for care for the kids and I'm not working just to pay for daycare...though if I was offered a job that made it that way I probably wouldn't take it...doesn't make sense to me to work just to pay for daycare (which is outrageously expensive and I don't trust people to take care of my kids...).

I also thought about going to school but it's just not an option right now...I really need to work rather than finish my high school right now. I will get there eventually though.

I've started PartyLite again as well...so I'm hoping that generates a little bit of income in the near future.

I posted my first listing on eBay today...hoping that might generate some income.

Once I finally get some things made that are worth selling on my sewing machine, I'll list those as well...I'm very excited to make some cloth diapers to save us money too.

All of these things were an effort to stay home but it's just not bringing enough income in at the moment...but after our new baby comes, I won't be working and so I'm hoping that these will be established enough to help cover my share of the bills and what not. Before and after school daycare is expensive enough, full time daycare for an infant is more than I could bring in with a part time job (and then also, again with the not trusting people to take care of my kids)...

So, that's my news (everything and the kitchen sink)...in a nut shell and kind of scrambled, like eggs. My head is just like that...going every which way at once!! Hoping once the routine of the kids being in school is established then my mind won't be so busy and hectic...

Hope everyone is well!!!


Ruth said...

Good luck with ttc!

Bohemian Single Mom said...

They grow up so fast. Blink and they'll be in high school!

I know the feeling of wanting to be a stay at home mom, and not have it turn into a financial struggle. There's something to be said for the days of June & Ward Cleaver.

I think it's great that you guys want to have a hatchling. My money's on 3-4 months from now... and you'll be back to your bizarre cravings.

This Guy said...

What I wanna know, is how often you cry when you realize hes a big boy, and going to school? heheheh

This Guy said...

HOLY SHIT!! I just saw your new blog name, I Fucking love it! HAHAHA You started the swearing, dont look at me! 8-) lol

And its funny, cause you're totally a bitch, just kidding!! We love you (when your not 8 months pregnate) lol