Saturday, November 17, 2007

12 inches of skirt

Really? Are they really arguing about how long a skirt is?

I generally have to side with the employer on this one. They would not issue a uniform that is provocative...I would assume that it's pretty tasteful being the business that it is.

Living in Canada, and being employed in Canada...I really think that she should put on the uniform as it has been issued and go to work, or, quit and get another job that allows her to dress as her religion requires her to.

If I said that my religion requires that I wear jeans and a t-shirt would I get away with wearing it to work if there was a uniform? Probably not.

That article talks about how this woman has racked up debt on her credit card and that she's applied for unemployment but they've denied her request because she's not technically unemployed...she can go back to work, if she puts on the shorter skirt or the pants that are part of the uniform...I can't feel bad for someone that CAN go to work but chooses not to because "God says her skirt should be longer" *rolling eyes*

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