Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Luck and Happiness and Hard Work

Things have been going so well over the last while minus finances.  However, I worked hard and finished my three courses in three weeks and am now a high school graduate with an interview at the company I spoke about in the last post, tomorrow at 11am.  I'm excited about it although a little sad as I love my stay at home mom job!  I love baking bread (I haven't bought store bread in almost a month) and muffins and cooking homemade, from scratch dinner everyday.  I love being here to fix the boo boo's and sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider while my daughter sits on her potty and we wait for her to eventually pee on it lol.  But, money is a necessary evil and we want any chance of buying a house in the next two years, I need to work for a while.

So, I'm comitting to a year of full time work to help dig us out of debt and start some savings.

After a year we'll be much better off financially and I should be able to return to being a SAHM.

I'm excited about it, apparently it's a great place to work!

Jer is doing well also, he gets a small raise in the next few weeks and than a larger one in July.  He has two full years left and then he's a journeyman!  He's doing great on the job, he's sought after and being fought for by guys who like his work.  I'm happy he does such a good job supporting our family :)

James is doing well, same ole same ole, sports and stuff.  He graduates in June (already!).

Jonah has switched to english school and he's doing well.  He recently lost a front tooth and the other one is about to come out anytime!  He's so cute missing a tooth in the front and he talks a little funny :)

Marryn is working on potty training and talking up a storm (most of the time in foreign languages lol).  She's repeating lots now and is so cute when she does :)

Life is pretty normal and quiet.  Jer's had quite a bit of luck recently though winning his card draw (a pool they do at work) twice since Christmas.  The first time was over $900, the second over $300.  Then he won the safety award at work, $100 gift card to the Kep  Then yesterday he won on 97.7 (our local radio station to which we are very loyal listeners!), a $50 gift certificate to Dicken's Pub and a 1/30 chance to win a trip to Dublin, Ireland!  That's our dream vacation!!!  They draw the winner Monday morning, I'm so excited!!  We're gonna win!!!!!  I hope the luck continues!!!

Cross your fingers for us, we'd be taking the Ireland trip in October for our 1st anniversary!!!!  :D

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