Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No financial aid (or, how the govt has their heads up their asses)

A good friend of mine has a 9 year old son who is fighting for his life from AML leukemia.  He was diagnosed in August of 09, went through intense treatment and was in remission for only 6 months before relapsing.  He's now just finished his first round of chemo during this relapse and is currently waiting to build his immune system back up so that he can receive a bone marrow transplant donated from his little sister.

His mother has quit her job to care for him.  They are back and forth from the hospital several times a week when they aren't admitted.  A 45 minute drive each way.  When they are in the hospital, she pays out of pocket for parking and food, ect..  He is currently in the hospital with an infection and has been there more than a week.  You can imagine what kind of expense this must be for her.  She has no income other than a small disability that she receives for him while he sick...and when I say small I mean less than $500 a month.  From another source pertaining to her son being sick, she receives $15/day to help cover her cost of food while she's with him in the hospital.  She does receive child support but with a mortgage and bills, I can't imagine trying to make ends meet with this.

There is NO financial aid for families in such situations.  Ontario Works won't even help her.  There is nothing anyone can do unless she sells her house and uses the profits from that to live and when it runs out THEN OW can step in and help.

It's like punishing her because her son is sick.

This is disgusting and we need to get the word out there that SOMETHING has to be done.  Something needs to be put in place to help these families out financially!  They have enough on their plates with a sick child let alone worrying about how they are going to pay this bill or get some food on the table for the rest of the family.

All things aside though, it is this reason that I am organizing a Bake Sale and Silent Auction for my friend and her family.

I have booked a church hall for February 5th, 2011 from 1pm until 4pm.  There will be tons of baked goods for sale as well as coffee, tea and water.  Lots of stuff for the silent auction such as a Men's Tungsten ring, some silver ladies jewelry, a DVD/VCR combo, hand painted items and many other items.  We will also be having half and half draws.  All proceeds will go directly to my friend and her family so if can come please do!

Bake Sale and Silent Auction in honour of Lyric Jarvis
Central United Church
12 Young Street
Welland, ON

If you can't attend but you still want to help out, please feel free to make monetary donation to:

Sarah Jarvis
Scotia Bank

Account # 0398780
Transit # 91710
Institution # 002

Any amount, however small or large, will be an amazing help to this family who has already been through so much.  It is very much appreciated.  We are all so grateful for any help from anyone in any form!!!!

If you can't donate or attend, please send all your prayers and positive thoughts or vibes to Lyric.  He's had a tough fight this second time around and he could use all he can get!!!!

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