Friday, August 21, 2009

More bad news

This past week a VERY good friend of mine had her son (who is like 9) diagnosed with AML leukemia. It happened soooo fast! He literally didn't feel good and had a sore neck for a week, had tests at the children's hospital on Monday and was diagnosed and by Wednesday he'd already had his first round of chemo.

I'm SO, SO sad for her and her family. She's had sooo much on her plate in the last few months and she's such a good person who tries to live healthy and only feed her children healthy food...she does not deserve this.

There will be several fundraisers for them in the near future...anyone reading that lives near me and you want details, I'll be posting them as I get them and I would appreciate ANY support you can give to this family. I've thought about possibly putting up a donate button on here but not sure if I will yet...what do you think?

In other better news, everything is good with my own family (Thank God for that!!!). Marryn is 9 weeks old now and she's getting SOOO big!!! Jonah just turned 5 and goes back to school on the 2nd (and I can't wait!) and James starts grade 7 on the 8th. Boy time flies! He'll be going to camp or Ottawa for his end of the year trip this year. The camp is the same one I went to for my grade 8 end of the year trip and I had a blast there so I'm hoping he gets to go!

Jer and I are well also, we just put down half of our deposit on our reception venue yesterday...boy did that ever make it feel real!!! I also bought my wedding shoes today for FIVE DOLLARS!!! Check them out :)

Anyway, that's it for now...I'll update again soon about my friend's son and the fundraisers...tell me if I should put the donate button up...absolutely all donations will go directly to their family.


Anonymous said...

This is the kind of thing that scares me so can turn on a dime. I can't think of anything more horrific than a child having cancer.
You're a good friend to be so supportive. Fundraisers are a great idea and I would be glad to help - let me know.

It must be hard for you to separate your concern for her & her son from planning your wedding.
But yes, time flies, and it's happening! Putting deposits down makes it official! And those shoes are adorable.

Love the pic of Marryn...she is SO CUTE!

This Guy said...

Yup, life is crazy like that. One day everyone is fine, then the next you are dealing with life altering events.. Sucks ass, as we all know...

Cute shoes ;)