Thursday, August 7, 2008

Learning to Sew

Ok so in the last little while I've been really wanting a project to do. I now have several on the go and I'm hoping to make a little bit of money at each of them...just enough to bring up my monthly income a bit so that I can pick up some of the slack on the bills.

My first project is PartyLite. I was a consultant in the past and I enjoyed doing it (although it was a bit expensive) and so I figured I'd give it another shot now that I have a vehicle. I had a hard time last time because I didn't have transportation or regular child care...I'm hoping that it works out better this time than it did last time. Wish me luck!!

My second project stems directly from 2 posts before this...I am thinking about creating custom wedding favours. Tulle covered candy, trinkets and other things you would want to give to your guests as a thank you for joining you on your special day. It's not something I expect I will have a lot of orders from but it's something I would enjoy doing for someone who really doesn't have the time to do it themselves (because let's face it, planning a wedding is A LOT of work and most people don't have all day every day to work on gets in the way). I've made up a couple of samples so far:

Third on the list is I bought a sewing machine the other day. My original reason for buying it was that Jer and I were talking about cloth diapers for our baby and I thought, well, I could just sew them myself...would save money AND I could make them super cute and match any clothes he or she has. Then I thought, well maybe I could sell some too...make a bunch up and ebay them. Then I thoght, why stop at diapers?! I could make and sell purses, coin purses, pj's, baby blankets and a bunch of stuff! I could also make Halloween costumes once I get really good! I was reading my machine's manual and I can also embroider and monogram!! WOO!

Anyway, so, I went to the Land of Fabric yesterday and bought $90 worth of stuff including accessories for my machine and a BUNCH of fabric and I started sewing. I've never sewed before...except without a machine....this is what I came up with:

For some reason they will only post sideways....but anyway's not a GREAT bag...but it's my FIRST TIME EVER sewing anything with a machine...I think I did pretty damned good :D

So, please, wish me luck on my endeavors...I REALLY want to stay home with my babies and raise them myself rather then send them off to a daycare everyday for someone else to raise while I work for just enough money to actually pay for the daycare. It's not worth it to me to go out and do that...I would rather stay home and try to make some money here to help with bills and whatever else. Thanks for all your positive vibes in advance!!!


This Guy said...

OMG Martha, you are making great progress!

First, I think your purses look AWESOME! I'd order 20 if I was a pretty lady (well im pretty, but not a lady - yet.. hahaha im kidding)

I think you could sew and crochet up a storm!! why just limit yourself to ebay tho! we could totally do craft shows, have a little shop or something. you could totally do it with wedding stuff.. custom napkins, embroyder things, linens for tables!! You could do EVERYTHING!

Can I please put in an order for a speedo? I'll come over tonight so you can take measurements..

hehehehe no really tho. lets sew some diapers this weekend or something!!

talk soon

Ruth said...

You are a very creative person!! Best wishes in your endeavors. I am with you on avoiding daycare if at all possible, and I still contemplate cloth diapers from time to time....

Bohemian Single Mom said...

Totally cool, amish girl:)

You could even open your own etsy shop online.
Your sewing project looks great and your ideas are really good. You'll catch on quickly with your new machine, I'm sure.
I've made almost all T's Halloween costumes, it's fun!