Monday, July 7, 2008

39 weeks 4 days

.................still pregnant.

When I was pregnant with James, today was the day that labour started for me. I remember not doing a whole lot that day...just laying on the couch sleeping for most of the day. I lost my plug in the late morning, early afternoon and realized I was having contractions somewhere around 5 pm. I had him at 9:13 the next morning.

I'm hoping today goes a little the same way!!

I'm so tired now, it hurts to just roll over in bed. I'm irritable. I'm sure I'm NOT a pleasure to be around these days though I'm TRYING not to take it out on my family....I feel bad for them!

So, anyone who's reading, please send me labour vibes, I could REALLLLY use them right now!!!


Ruth said...

I hope today is the BIG day!!!

Anonymous said...

It's so freaking HOT!!! How can you stand it. It's like 100 degrees out there and worse with the humidity.
(((((Sending you vibes to be in a nice air conditioned hospital pushing that hatchling out - SOON).
hang in there.

ThisGuy said...

Ummmm.. Yes, I can attest that you are not a pleasure to be around today... You're children and wonderful man can 2nd that too! hahahah just kidding :P You just can't handle stupid people, but which of us can anyways? Learn to drive, learn how to read the signs and cross the road properly, dont stand in the middle of the isle at walmart picking your ass, move and get the hell outta our way! We are on a mission, get this damn baby out!! GET OUT!!! LOL

Im still predicting that your button goes off late late tonight, early morning, especially since the cards point to 6am, on the 8th =) Im counting down!! LOL