Friday, July 29, 2011

And so it begins...

I've begun my third surrogate journey by giving 17 vials of blood on Wednesday for my preliminary testing :)  I'm very excited as this process is probably going to go very quickly.  My IP's have 6 totsicles waiting in the freezer for us and sometime around mid September I'll be transferring a 9 cell, 3 day embryo in to my comfy womb!

The next step at this point is to wait for my cycle to start and then call and get appointments for my HSG and endometrial biopsy and while we're waiting for that, work on contracts.

So, stay tuned for updates, I'm hoping to start posting more here again now that things are moving in my life again!  Things were pretty content and normal for a while there, nothing really to write home about and so I wasn't inspired.  Now I have things to share so hopefully it will pick up again around here!

Hope everyone is well :)

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