Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2 Weeks left

Well, there are only two weeks left of 2009. This year has been a good and bad year.

I have my oldest son full time now, meaning no more trips to dads on the weekend where we miss out on including him in family outings and get togethers.

We had our beautiful daughter 6 months ago tomorrow.

We got officially engaged 4 days ago!! YAY!

We lost a couple people this year...that was the bad part. They are loved and missed very much.

My wishes for 2010 are this:

~Happiness and health for all those I know and love.

~Financial stability (which has been pretty good in the last 6 months so I hope it continues!)

~A beautiful wedding that goes off without a hitch...only 10.5 months away!

2009 was a very memorable year for me. I turned 30 and almost all my dreams came true!! 2010 will be just as memorable because the last of my BIG wedding...will be coming true. I'm very much looking forward to this year.

What do you wish for this year?

Much love! xo

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Bohemian Single Mom said...

Ditto that!
Everything is now falling into place. It was a rough road for you, but you made it.
Marryn is a magical little soul and a blessing to all who meet her!