Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In response to an anonymous comment

I received a comment in response to my last post about how ridiculous this whole swine flu thing is and I wanted to respond here because otherwise I wasn't sure if it would be read and the commenter had implied that I was uneducated about the shot and I wanted to defend myself about that because that is certainly not the case.

I had a debate with someone else about this yesterday as well and I'm really starting to wonder if the majority of the public is just that naive that they think that our health care system and government are really that trustworthy that they won't do something to line their pockets even more...

This shot is NOT well researched. It is new. It has not been widely tested and I do NOT trust it.

There is a ton of media hype...but not only that, there is gov't, health care and doctor hype too.

This vaccine may be made like all the other ones however there are signifigant risks associated with injecting yourself with not only Thiomersal but also with Squalene which has not been found to be completely safe.

It's not the use of the virus that I worry's all the other shit that they put in it. And if you read about Thiomersal and the toxicology, it states that it is incredibly dangerous upon inhalation, ingestion and contact with the skin yet we are injecting this into us??? Yeah, that sounds ok to me *rolls eyes*.

The commenter said:

"In reality, the risk of a really nasty flu far outweighs the risk of the vaccine. Even if you don't care if you get the flu, I do. I care that you could easily spread it to others who may not tolerate it (infants, elderly, people with compromised immune systems, ets)."

Yes, this is a REALLY nasty flu. However, I know of several people who have contracted it (been tested and diagnosed) who, while have been very sick, have recovered just fine.

People die from this flu. That is a truth. But people die from the regular flu. People can die from the common cold if they get sick enough for it to develop into something else like pneumonia. The truth is, we can't be sure what is going to kill us...including a flu or a vaccine. A few statistics and bits of info I think are important to take into consideration if you are contemplating this shot:

*The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified the 2009 spread of a novel H1N1 avian/swine/human influenza virus as a ‘pandemic’. But numerous doctors have remarked that it has been no more deadly or disabling than seasonal influenza virus that circulates yearly.

* Human trials only just began in mid-August. It’s unethical to recommend a vaccine which hasn’t even received the usual minimal safety testing let alone long term testing.

*A recent WHO Press Conference confirmed that there is no safety data regarding the use of squalene adjuvanted vaccines for pregnant women, asthmatics and children between the ages of 6 months to 3 years. Yet both pregnant women and young children are targeted groups on the priority list for injection, along with health care providers.

*The vaccination program for the 1976 swine flu "pandemic" was discontinued after 3 weeks due to the unexpected outcome. Over 500 cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a paralyzing neurological condition, were reported as a result of vaccination, responsible for 25 deaths. Contrarily, the virus itself was responsible for 1 death and 13 hospitalizations (these are US stats). Experts assure the population that this scenario will not be repeated, because they have tweaked the vaccine into its updated version. However, without adequate preliminary testing, the possibility of unknown side effects must be taken into consideration.

*This is the first year mock vaccines have been used to gain FDA approval. The vaccines that have been tested are not the same vaccines your children will be given.

* 18 reasons why you SHOULDN'T get the vaccine

* Deaths associated with H1N1

*According to the World Health Organization: "Every winter, tens of millions of people get the flu. Most are only ill and out of work for a week, yet the elderly are at a higher risk of death from the illness. We know the worldwide death toll exceeds a few hundred thousand people a year, but even in developed countries the numbers are uncertain, because medical authorities don't usually verify who actually died of influenza and who died of a flu-like illness."

* AS03-Adjuvanted H1N1 Pandemic Influenza Vaccine product information leaflet


When I post here like I did yesterday, I am posting MY. OPINION.

I am not a doctor...I am not a scientist and I never claimed to be an expert. However I do know that I feel the risk of the vaccine far outweighs the risk of the flu itself FOR ME AND MY FAMILY.

If you want to get the vaccine, all the power to you, good luck, I hope it works out for you.

If I end up sick, I promise to stay home and wash my hands obsessively as not to spread it further...but I do that with any sickness and therefore this is no different.

I am not relying on those vaccinated to "protect me" at all. I'm relying on those who are sick to stay the fuck home until their better as not to spread it to anyone else!!!

And don't forget, just because you have the vaccine, does not mean you're immune!! You can still contract H1N1 so there are no guarantees. Again, another reason to NOT get it in my opinion.


This Guy said...

HELL YA SISTER!! I'm not getting the vaccine. Fuck that noise. LOL

Thanks for all the info, you just made my choice easier ;)

Dr. Amie.... LOL hahaha

Em said...


I hope you don't mind me commenting. I came across your blog from a link on another blog I follow.

I read the anonymous commenter's message to you and I am sorry they were so rude!

I believe the choice to vaccinate (or not) is a very personal choice and we make those choices with the best interest of our children, family and self in mind.

I am commenting today because I myself believe in vaccinating. I would never dream of telling you off about it or even insinuate you haven't researched it. Come on, seriously, who would say that to you?!

I wanted to mention a couple of things, I know you will never change your mind, but there were a few things that caught my attention in your post:

1) We have the option of getting thimerosol free vaccines, which are single-dose vaccines.

2) None of the 2009 US H1N1 vaccines contain Squalene.

3) The word "pandemic" simply means "widespread". It doesn't imply death. Here's one online definition: "Epidemic over a wide geographic area and affecting a large proportion of the population". When H1N1 was declared a pandemic, it was declared widespread (which it is) but that is all.

4) I am leary of the lewrockwell link. I can clearly see some biased views in looking over the entire site. I can find equally biased websites that are pro-vaccine but I don't trust those either.

5) While I do not condone the government's policies on a lot of issues, nor do I trust our current administration, I don't think lying to us about shots would be worth it to them. If they are lying about the seasonal flu shot (and H1N1) being relatively risk-free, they would have hundreds of millions of people "harmed" (assuming they are lying and there ARE severe side effects for majority of those vaccinated) on their hands. Not necessarily a way to make a buck. I don't think they are out to get us.

6) I do agree that the swine flu is overrated and, like anonymous said, there is a ton of hype. However, what if a pregnant woman gets H1N1? Taking Tamiflu is riskier than vaccinating (although both class C). There are many examples and I do agree with anonymous that there is hype both ways.

7)The link to the leaflet you provided is a Canadian website. It does not apply to US H1N1 vaccines.

8) About GBS: "GBS is rare. Each year, about 3,000 to 6,000 people in the United States develop GBS whether or not they received a vaccination – that’s 1 to 2 people out of every 100,000 people. This is referred to as the background rate. In 1976, there was a small risk of GBS following influenza (swine flu) vaccination (approximately 1 additional case per 100,000 people who received the swine flu vaccine)."

Again, this is not meant to attack or anything. I completely agree with you that we are entitled to our opinions and we all share the responsibility of protecting each other by washing our hands and staying home while sick. Which, by the way, have you noticed so many people lack this common sense?!

I liked this post, and I really hope you don't mind me commenting on it. I was over at your wedding blog today and I *love* your shoes and theme!!!!

Good luck with your wedding planning and if you don't mind, I may lurk on your blog because I think it's interesting.

Thank you for giving your opinion on this vaccine, and don't let that crabby old coward "anonymous" get to you (they're good at that)! :)

Ayre said...

Thank you for your comment Em!!! I don't mind at all and I am totally ok with someone not agreeing with me, as long as they don't try to demean my opinion!! You did a great job at NOT doing that ;)

The link that I provided is Canadian because I am yes, we do have squalene in ours, it says that right in the leaflet. So, unfortunately, it's kinda scary for me still!

Again, thank you so much for your point of view and I would love it if you stick around!!! :D

Em said...

HAHA The fact that you're from Canada would make a whole lot of sense as to why you post Canadian links, HAHA, duh! I *should* hang out on your blog a little more because I obviously haven't read that you're from Ca yet, hehe. Sorry, girl.

I live on the beautiful coast in Oregon, USA. I am married (3 years) and have a 15 mo old son.

I got to you through Ruth's blog, I just love her and I saw a comment you left her on one of her posts and clicked on your link.

Glad I did! Thanks for the welcome ;) And I SO want to get married again because of your wedding!

Bohemian Single Mom said...

Wow! I didn't see all this.
Well said - amen to you!

The government is all about making money and they will mislead us any way they can...including untested and poorly researched vaccinations.

The thing I've always been leery of is the "food & drug administration". Ummmmm....since when are food & drugs related in any kind of administration??

Anonymous said...

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