Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brad Paisley

Is one of the biggest *insert horrible name here*'s in the whole world.

I read this blog all the's friggin fantastic!

Long story short though, Brad Paisley and his wife bought some land in some place beside nashville that had a rental property on it that just so happened to house a non-profit organization for kids who get the shit end of the stick most of the time. It had a petting zoo and climbing walls and so on. When he bought it he said the renters could stay...then not long after his MANAGER came out and gave them a very short period of time to get out...and find a place for all those animals and all the equipment that had accumulated for this awesome organization...

So, I just thought I should keep this story going...spread the word about Mr. Paisley and his "greatness" *scoff*.


Bohemian Single Mom said...

Woo-hoo....I thought you were a facebook girl all the way!
So cool.
And Brad Paisley sucks as much as his music does!

This Guy said...

Brad Paisley is a DOUCHE BAG!!! He can suck it. hahahha

Mr. Mcknob said...

Spreading the word! Thanks for your support.

Anonymous said...

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