Monday, March 23, 2009

The Mounties are gonna kick yer ass!!

Has anyone else seen this? Do Americans REALLY think this way??? Seriously? For real? Cuz dude, honestly think we have men in red coats and big brown hats roaming around on horses chasing our bad guys down????? Wow. Time for school little buddy!

I do beleive we are owed an apology...especially considering we've lost 116 soldiers in a war that was not ours to fight to begin with.


NapoleonOverlap said...

Bang on. This is the most absurd bullshit i have ever heard. The YANKS strike again eh? And i'd love to see these idiots say this shit to the many MANY families of our fallen soldiers who were fighting this war. Go ahead. I'll wait. NO?? I didn't think so! Self righteous bastards. I am completely outraged at the slap in the face this is.

God damn yanks.

Anonymous said...

Go Ayre!!!