Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've been tagged!

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1. I'm double jointed and can bend the first finger of my left hand all the way back to touch the back of my hand (and it usually grosses people out! lol)

2. I am emetophobic and it affects the decisions I make in my everyday life and gives me panic and anxiety issues.

3. I don't eat things that swim....see #2 lol...

4. I have Olfactory Pica during pregnancy (The practice of pica during pregnancy is described in contemporary literature as the ingestion of nonfood substances and food staples in response to craving. A previously unnamed practice, olfactory craving of pregnancy, is the smelling by pregnant women of selected substances in response to craving, which may occur alone or with pica.) and crave the smell of cleaning products, mainly Comet these last two pregnancies but with my first it was PineSol...I clean the bathroom everyday lol....

5. I cannot live without Aveeno Hand Lotion, Green Chapstick and Gingerale (preferably Canada Dry lol) does not work without them!

6. Jer (my S.O.) says I can pick up pretty much any instrument and play it...I CAN attest to the fact that I taught myself to play guitar and bass...but I've not tried many other

7. I had my first child a month before I turned 18...and he wasn't an "oops"...most people look at me like I have three heads when I tell them that...but I've wanted children and to be pregnant since I was like 11 years old!

I only have a couple of people I know as bloggers so I tag you all that come here and read this and haven't done it already!

Thanks Ruth, you gave me something to write about, and it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be!!!!


Ruth said...

If you're ever in my area (I am sure you're not, LOL) you are welcome to clean my bathroom also, LOL! I don't eat seafood either. Well the one exception is I like the fish filet at McD's but that's about it. People thought I was VERY weird when I lived in Annapolis, MD as seafood is the MAIN thing to eat there (especially crab). I have never heard that exact term for that particular phobia - I am guessing you don't get m/s during pgcy? I hope not as it seems like it would be very difficult for you! Finally, although I am going to be 36 when I have my first baby, I can TOTALLY relate to wanting to be a mom as a teenager. I also wanted to be a mom since I was a child and remember being very jealous of a friend in 11th grade who was pg. I seriously wanted to offer to raise her child for her (as I didn't think she was really wanting to have a baby at that age).

Bohemian Mom said...

I KNEW ginger-ale would be in here, as soon as I saw the title, I knew it! I did this awhile ago and it was fun.
Great answers!
I cannot believe how BIG you are...omg!